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Debunking 5 Myths About Learning The Japanese Language

You shouldn’t listen to every myth about Japanese language lessons since some can be untrue and misleading. In fact, paying too much attention to them will undoubtedly discourage you from enrolling in Japanese language classes that may end up benefitting you. Here are a few myths that you should ignore:

1. Japanese is the toughest language to learn

Personal experiences should never be adopted as a universal truth. You’ve probably heard people talking about how the Japanese language is unmanageable. But never take their word too seriously to the point of discouraging you from pursuing your dreams.

It’s probable that such individuals failed to enrol in a reputable institution, lacked the self-drive to learn, or were pessimistic about the possibility of learning the language. Well, if all these are your attributes, you can be certain that you’ll find every task assigned to you difficult to accomplish.

However, if you are dedicated to the whole course, you’ll realize that learning Japanese is simple! In fact, you will enjoy every lesson that you undertake.

2. You can learn the Japanese language without the knowledge of hiragana and katakana

If you enrol in a Japanese class in Singapore, the tutors will particularly emphasize the need to first grasp the hiragana and katakana basics. Failure to understand these primary concepts will complicate your learning process, and you’re likely to dismiss the language as “too difficult to learn”.

Unfortunately, some individuals believe that you can skip this step to save on time. Well, the desire to complete the course fast is fathomable as there is an increasing need to optimize on the available hours. However, you should never make the mistake of skipping the hiragana stage since it’ll increase the duration of the course, and you’ll end up even spending more time!

3. It’s too costly to learn the Japanese language

There exists a section of people who believe that learning the Japanese language is the preserve of the rich in society. However, you’ll be surprised to realize how affordable the whole exercise is! There are numerous language schools in Singapore that offer Japanese language lessons at relatively affordable rates. As such, you should never be hesitant to make inquiries on the ideal package that will suit your needs.

Additionally, there are numerous resources on the internet that can help in supplementing what your tutors offer. This will reduce the duration of the course, which will significantly lower the cost of pursuing knowledge.

4. Kanji makes learning Japanese unbearable for many

There exists no research to show that kanji cannot be learned by non-native speakers successfully. The myth that only a few can crack this language has no basis, and it is untrue!

Well, we opine that you’ll need to put in some effort to learn kanji, but that doesn’t make it unbearable! Just like you would invest time in other ventures, it’s paramount that you commit yourself to learn the basics of kanji. Once you give it your all, you’ll realize that it’s not as tough as you had been made to believe.

5. Learning Japanese is unnecessary due to availability of translation tools

While there are many modern translation tools, learning Japanese is necessary since it will help you to have a natural conversation. This will increase the appeal and will enhance the development of a bond between the two conversing parties. It doesn’t matter whether you have access to the most sophisticated translation tools; it’s necessary that you have the real knowledge of the language!


Learning the Japanese language is not complicated. You should dismiss all the myths that you’ve heard and enrol for lessons in a language school. You will be surprised at how interesting the Japanese language lessons are and easy for you to pick up.


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