The Basics in Learning Japanese Language

There are millions of people in the world that speaks the Japanese language and has now started a trend for foreigners to learn this especially in Singapore. Whether you are interested in the Japanese drama series you see on TV and online or the cute singing boy bands that made you interested to study this language, there are various centers that specializes in giving basic and advance program.

You can learn Japanese in Singapore by simply enrolling to a Japanese Language school with native speaker teachers. Though this language is ranked to be one of the most difficult to learn, still the basic courses are easier compared to other languages. The first thing you have to learn and be familiar with will be the alphabet. The Japanese language has letters that can be easily mastered. It is also made up of only three types of words:

  1. Pure Japanese
  2. English based
  3. Chinese character based

The words are not tonal as well which makes it easy to say. Though most of the words follow a specific hierarchy, it is not that difficult to use it in a conversation. How to learn Japanese faster depends on how motivated you are and the purpose of learning it. The easiest way to learn it will be:

  • Japanese Dramas- If you love the drama series for sure you will know some words and phrases, though you may not even know the meaning but because your favorite character keeps saying, you tend to follow.
  • Music- the Japanese music industry is paving its way globally. The surprising rise of Kpop brought a lot of attention to Japaneses and their language.
  • Japanese Friends- Most Japanese students are studying abroad to learn English. You can befriend them and make a good deal of teaching them English while you are learning their language. The exchange of language can be a start of a good friendship.

After all the basic learning, you may want to learn deeper and more advanced language settings by getting into formal education to become certified.



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