Japanese Language Courses

Our competitive bilingual Japanese teachers

Your Japanese lessons will be handled and taught by our competitive Japanese teachers who are also fluent in speaking English. Since they are natives, then you may expect an exciting learning journey.

Accredited syllabus

Our program curriculum and syllabus are approved by AJALT or Association for Japanese-Language Teaching. This is because we want to ensure your high-quality teaching and learning.

Unique Systems

We have two unique systems for students. The first half of the class is all about acquiring knowledge about grammar. This is to help our beloved students master the structure of the Japanese language courses.
After learning grammar from the first half of the class, we then go to the second part which is about speaking and listening. We make sure that our students get many opportunities to apply the knowledge about Japanese grammar by speaking. Also, we give them the chance to study Japanese accents and intonation through listening.


Private Japanese Class


We aim to produce successful learners of the Japanese language. We do this by prioritising our students’ wants and needs. So, here at Japanese Explorer, everything that you need and wants as a learner is provided. So, if you want to take up Japanese courses in Singapore, then hurry to submit your enquiry now to Japanese Explorer.

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Small Group Japanese Class


Face-to-face classroom learning has been a significant trend among Japanese learners of a particular target language like Japanese. This learning style offers a lot of benefits to the Japanese students since they can have a greater chance to be carefully monitored by their tutors. Regular class scheduling is also provided which is a great benefit for consistency and higher interaction among students.

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Online Japanese Class


For learners to interact with teachers and classmates, you may also participate in group classes wherein you can practice or do some activities using the target language. Japanese Explorer is one the most outstanding language schools that offer Online Japanese courses in Singapore. Here at Japanese Explorer, we provide exemplary Online learning services that ensure effective learning approaches, methods, and strategies to learning the Japanese language successfully.

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Business Japanese or Intermediate courses


Studying Conversational Intermediate Japanese course or Business Japanese course here at Japanese Explorer gives a lot of benefits to the students, not just for themselves but their current or future companies as well. Here are some of the benefits that students may get through studying Japanese business courses. Click Here for Fees

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