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The Japanese language is known to be one of the most commonly-learned languages in Asia. Picking up the language can become an invaluable skill for ex-pats working, living or studying in Singapore. If you are considering enrolling in a Japanese course, then it is important to choose a good Japanese language school in Singapore.

Japanese Explorer offers a premier learning and teaching experience in our Japanese language classes. We are a certified Japanese language school guided by the official syllabus from the Association for Japanese-Language Teaching (AJALT). Our covered syllabus will bring you through all aspects of the language. Moreover, we offer a wide range of courses, audio files, and classes, which are all eligible for SkillsFuture credits.

No matter your reason for wanting to learn Japanese, you should have a good Japanese language school to guide and support you in your journey. With Japanese Explorer, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy learning this wonderful language. 

Japanese Language Course In Singapore

Japanese is not just a language -- it is a culture. The people in Japan have a unique way of thinking and living that you can only understand if you know their language. We offer various Japanese courses to help foreigners learn about Japan’s unique customs, traditions and way of life.

Here are our different types of courses:

Private Japanese Class In Singapore

Our private class course is where students get a one-on-one Japanese lesson. This Japanese course type is most suitable for students who have no prior knowledge and are looking to learn a new language. A private Japanese lesson will help students learn basic Japanese according to their specific learning preferences.

Small-Group Japanese Class In Singapore

The small-group course is best for students who want more attention when learning or if they have specific questions about conducting business in Japan.

Japanese Business Course In Singapore

Our business course is where we teach you how the Japanese language can be used for business purposes. This Japanese class will cover conversational words and phrases that are relevant to work, like "please," "thank you," "I'm sorry," and more.

Japanese Explorer Language School

With so many Japanese language classes available in Singapore, Japanese Explorer is where you should turn to. We have an experienced team of Japanese language teachers who are certified to teach Japanese and able to provide a variety of flexible options for you to choose from. Here’s what we can offer you:

Our competitive bilingual, native Japanese teachers

Your online classes will be handled and taught by our competitive teachers who speak English and each have their own unique teaching styles. Since they are native speakers, you may expect an exciting learning journey when you choose to learn Japanese with them!

Accredited Japanese course syllabus

In order to ensure that we provide nothing but high-quality teaching and learning, our curriculum and syllabus are approved by AJALT.

Unique Systems

The first half of every Japanese class with us entails learning all about grammar. This is to help our students master the structure of our Japanese language courses. We have two unique systems available for students who enrol in a Japanese lesson with us.

The other half of our Japanese lesson is about speaking and listening. We make sure that our students get ample opportunities to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired about grammar by speaking the language. Also, we give them the chance to study the accents and intonation of the language through listening.

SkillsFuture Credit Eligible

A SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course is where you can use your SkillsFuture Credit to enrol in courses. This credit will be rolled over every year so you can top up your account with more credit. However, not everyone is eligible for SkillsFuture Credit.

People who are eligible to earn SkillsFuture Credit are Singaporeans aged 25 and above. If you’re unsure if you can enjoy credits from these courses, then it’s best to seek professional guidance. You can also check the SkillsFuture Application Guide through this link.

Importance of Japanese language classes

Japan is an advanced country in Asia that has been at the forefront of innovation for decades. With strong corporate and technological sectors, it offers many opportunities to those who want them -- making this environment highly attractive as well.

Learning the language is crucial if you are considering moving to Japan. To comprehend and completely appreciate your interactions with the culture and people, you'll need a solid foundation in Japanese. If you are looking to learn Japanese in Singapore, we have the full range of Japanese language courses in Singapore, from casual to business Japanese, to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.

Benefits of learning Japanese

Singapore, being a progressive country, has some of the world’s leading companies, and learning the Japanese language can give you a huge competitive advantage. Our Japanese language lessons will allow you to further appreciate all aspects of the culture and will make your Japan trip planning much easier. Japan’s influential position at the head of business development means that many Japanese employment agencies have offices in Singapore.

Becoming fluent could also lead to further opportunities for employees, job seekers and business owners. Communicating smoothly with potential employers or business partners will do you many favours. Our Japanese lessons in Singapore will also provide valuable insights into Japanese working culture and values.

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I have benefited a lot from my Japanese course with Japanese Explorer. My teacher Anna not only helped me to work on daily work situations, such as presentations, interpersonal skills, writing reports and reading charts but also wide up my view on this language itself and cultures.
Elaine Toh
I’ve got a good feeling with my trainer always answers my questions. The private Japanese course provided by Japanese Explorer has a very progressive approach and structure related to the daily life. I will definitely recommend my friends to join this awesome Japanese language school. The support learning tools like recorded class video and audio files had helped me alot to learn this language.
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