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Online Japanese Course

Japanese is one of the most spoken language in the world with 128 million Japanese speakers. There are many different motivations for wanting to learn Japanese; it is a highly practical language to learn as it is useful in business and social activities. And if you are flying out to Japan for a vacation, you can easily communicate in their native tongue and understand more about their culture to integrate effectively with Japanese society, thus enhancing your experience overseas. This is the opportunity for you to take up online Japanese learning courses in Singapore.

Japanese is the official language of Japan, and learning it requires constant practice and continuous lessons. Having conversations with a native speaker is an added bonus to boost your confidence in speaking the language and sharpening your skills. Getting yourself familiarised with the words is the first step to learning another language, but you need to be able to converse effectively with another person who can understand you. This way, you can reap the benefits of a practical educational experience. Being able to hold actual conversations will also help you to feel more comfortable speaking in a different language.

Japanese Explorer offers online Japanese courses in Singapore so you can learn at the comfort of your home conveniently. Skip the hassle of finding language schools around your area and avoid having to travel from one place to another. Our school employs native-speaking teachers to help you delve deeper into learning the language and provide one-on-one instructions to help in your learning progress. Lessons are conducted in a virtual classroom experience, based on your level and skills so you can learn easily at your own pace.

Our live online video Japanese lessons are hosted online via Zoom for a virtual learning environment with complete access to learning materials and tools. You will still receive immediate feedback and assistance that is personalised to fit your learning style and guide you along in learning the language.

Learning this Japanese language is a significant milestone you can be proud of. There is a sense of accomplishment seeing how far you have come from having little to zero knowledge in speaking the language to becoming fluent in conversations.

Here are some benefits of our online Japanese lessons.

1. Learn online Japanese according to your preferred schedule and venue without physically going to school. Online Japanese Lessons are conducted over Skype or Zoom via Live Streaming Video Class Mode.

2. Accredited Course syllabus produced by AJALT (Association for Japanese Language Teaching) with class curriculums that align to JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) test standard.
3. Certified Native Japanese Teachers with related and relevant work experience who can teach Japanese as a foreign language.
4.  Bilingual Teachers are either Bachelor or Master Degree holders, with certification to teach Japanese by Japanese Universities.
5. Helpful learning tools for students to review, such as fully recorded class Video & Audio CD, which have proven to yield a much better result when learning.
6. Double learning support ~ E-copy of the Japanese course book and workbook are provided for students to practise along with audio files.
7. Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes e-coursebook & e-workbook, audio-CD, and in-house recorded class videos.
8. Communicative teaching approach to enable students in achieving a high passing rate for the JLPT Test.
9. Our Online Japanese Classes offer a well-paced class schedule with accessible teacher support via emails and WhatsApp.

Online Japanese Private Course Fee:

– Private Online Japanese Class 1-2pax package of 12 sessions 120 mins each, the per-student fee will be $1,800 (Conversational Japanese) / $2,040 (Business Japanese).

Online Japanese Group Course Fee:

– Group Online Japanese Class package of 12 sessions 2hrs each, the per-student fee will be $550 as per table below

~ One-time Registration Fee of $50 per student is applicable.
~ Course Material Fee $50 per student, students will have an e-copy course book & workbook, audio files & video lessons.

Are You Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits?

Yes, Singaporean age 25yrs old and above is eligible to claim for SkillsFuture Credits under our SSG registered name “Chinese Edge” UEN:53307144E

Schedules & Timings are based on Singapore Local Time / UTC/GMT +8 hours

Online Beginner 1 Japanese Course Class Schedule

Batch CodeLevel of Learning Start DateEnd DateFrequencyFee / student
OLB1-1806-SatBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
18 Jun03 SepEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
OLB1 1906 SunBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
19 Jun11 SepEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$550
JE-OLB1 2106 EveBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
21 Jun06 SepEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$550
OLB1-2406-AMBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
24 Jun09 SepEvery Fri 10am-12pm$550
OLB1 2706 EveBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
27 Jun12 SepEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$550
OLB1 2806 IntBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Jun04 AugEvery Tue + Thu 10am-12pm$550
OLB1-2506-Sat*Beginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
25 Jun10 SepEvery Sat 10am-12pm$550
JE-OLB1 2706 Eve*Beginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
27 Jun13 SepEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$550
OLB1 0407 Eve*Beginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
04 Jul19 SepEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$550
OLB1-2307-SatBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
23 Jul08 OctEvery Sat 10am-12pm$500
OLB1-2407-SunBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
24 Jul09 OctEvery Sun 3pm-5pm$500
OLB1-2507-EveBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
25 Jul10 OctEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$500
OLB1-2707-AMBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
27 Jul12 OctEvery Wed 10am-12pm$500
OLB1 2507 IntBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
25 Jul02 SepEvery Mon + Fri 10am-12pm$550
OLB1-2308-AmBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
23 Aug08 NovEvery Tue 10am-12pm$550
OLB1-2508-EveBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
25 Aug10 NovEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
OLB1-2708-SatBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
27 Aug12 NovEvery Sat 3pm to 5pm$550
OLB1-2808-SunBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Aug13 NovEvery Sun 10am to 12pm$550
OLB1 2908 IntBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
29 Aug07 OctEvery Mon + Fri 10am-12pm$550
OLB1 2109 EveBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
21 Sep07 DecEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$550
OLB1 2209 AMBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
22 Sep08 DecEvery Thu 10am-12pm$550
OLB1 2409 SatBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
24 Sep10 DecEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
OLB1 2509 SunBeginner 1
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
25 Sep11 DecEvery Sun 4pm-6pm$550

Online Beginner 2 Japanese Course Class Schedule

Batch CodeCity Campus & OnlineStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical Class FeeOnline Class Fee
B2-2006-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
20 Jun05 SepEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$550$550
B2-2606-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
26 Jun25 SepEvery Sun 10am-12pm$550$550
B2-2307-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
23 Jul08 OctEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550$550
B2-2807-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Jul13 OctEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550$550
B2-2308-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
23 Aug08 NovEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$550$550
B2-2808-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Aug13 NovEvery Sun 3pm-5pm$550$550

ACRA registered name and number with SSG since 2018
Chinese Edge UEN 53307144E
Standard full course fees of $550 for each course of 12 sessions over three months completion

Course Title and TGS Ref No:

Conversational Japanese Course (Synchronous e-learning), TGS-2020505153


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