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Online Japanese Lesson, Online Japanese Lesson Singapore

There’s no telling when the current pandemic situation will cease, but there’s reason to believe that the ‘new norm’ is here to stay even post COVID-19. In terms of education, online learning has replaced traditional classrooms and have effectively taken centre stage. The drastic switch may have been implemented in hopes to reduce the risk

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Japanese Classes Singapore, Japanese Class In Singapore

Learning has always been a social phenomenon, with it being the core of human existence and social systems. It’s more so for topics that require immediate implementation and social interaction. Such topics can pose difficulties for introverts, whose social battery may not allow them to make full use of the social settings as opposed to

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Learn Japanese Online, Learn Japanese Online singapore

Apart from being able to express yourself with and communicate with others, acquiring a foreign language to add in your language repertoire has numerous benefits. Whilst it is undoubtedly one of the hardest skills to pick up, many still ploughed through the challenges to gain the proficiency and fluency level they’d like to reach. Now

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