Japanese for Beginners

The letters of the Japanese alphabet (called kanji) often don’t represent sounds like they do in other languages. For example, “hello” would be written as two different kanji characters in Japanese. That means typing on a computer can be challenging since you’re stuck having to choose words from lists of thousands of characters.

If it’s your first time learning Japanese, we at Japanese Explorer are here to help you on your way.

What is the Japanese Beginner Course?

Our Japanese Beginner Course is designed for people who wish to learn Japanese quickly and effortlessly. The Japanese for beginners course is primarily a Conversational Japanese Course since it teaches you what you need to know, the Japanese grammar, Japanese writing system, vocabulary words, and it engages students in genuine Japanese conversation with the help of our teachers who are familiar with the native language.Japanese Explorer offers a unique system to teach and learn Japanese. Not only is it treated as an academic subject, but you can also master this Japanese skill by following our syllabus accredited with AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching).

Our courses are designed to have access to all levels from beginner through advanced without any discrimination based on age or previous experience in Japan. This makes us especially suitable if your goal was always becoming fluent rather than just being able to communicate about everyday topics like work/business etc.

Course Objectives:

Students will develop basic conversational skills by learning basic words, phrases, and useful sentences. Students will also learn Japanese words (at least 150 words), which they can use in everyday matters. Since it is a Japanese for beginners course, students are not required to have prior language classes in Nihongo.

Students will be able to grasp the ability to speak Japanese and have a better understanding of the Japanese way of life. Our Conversational Japanese for beginners online courses prepare students for practical conversations and knowledge about Japanese culture, customs, and traditions. The students will be fully immersed as they learn the language and are exposed to culture.

Learning a language is a skill, so it takes practice to master it. Students will be taught the Japanese language and listening and speaking skills in a two-part class. The first part of the class will involve learning common Japanese sentences (phrases) and expressions that are used in conversations. This will be divided into categories and taught in English and Japanese. Topics covered include:

  • Self-introduction
  • Talking about nationalities and occupations
  • Knowing how to ask and buy things in shopping
  • Talking about schedules and travelling
  • Talking about tourist destinations
  • Ordering food in a restaurant
  • Talking about the daily routine

Why Choose Us When Learning Japanese?

Many students choose us because we teach the basics of the Japanese language through conversation and socialising with each other.

Our basic Japanese for beginners lessons include basic vocabulary, basic grammar (Japanese grammar rules and Japanese grammar structure), Japanese pronunciation, Japanese verbs, and we also give Japanese sentence examples for them to better grasp the lessons. We also let students use their own creativity and imagination about the culture. This way, they can learn Japanese effectively.

If you want to start learning Japanese for beginners in our school, here’s what we have to offer:

  • AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching) accredited course syllabuses and curriculums matched with the international JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) test standard.
  • Certified Native Japanese Teachers with relevant and related teaching experience condensed to teach Japanese as a foreign language
  • Our Bilingual Japanese Teachers are all Bachelor or Master Degree holders, certified by Japanese Universities to teach Japanese.
  • Effective learning tools like fully recorded class Video & Audio CD have yielded a much better result when students review these before and after class.
  • Double learning support – other than your very own textbook or the textbook created, an e-copy will be provided to have more practice.
  • Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & e-workbook, audio-files, and in-house recorded class videos.
  • The communicative teaching style enables students to achieve a high passing rate for JLPT Test.
  • Our Private Class offers great flexibility in scheduling with No Lessons missed. (Choose your date, time, and venue for class)
  • Live Streaming Video Online Japanese Classes via Zoom, so that you can continue improving your Japanese Proficiency with our teacher in class who is a native speaker or can speak Japanese, without travelling out of the home.

Our Japanese courses are open for Singaporean aged 25yrs old and above eligible for SkillsFuture Credits.


Our online Japanese courses qualify for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) support, and NTUC members get course fee support of up to a maximum of $250.


Class Schedules and Fees

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Group Class – City Campus 137 Cecil Street Level 7

Batch CodeLevelStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
B1 1406 AMBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
14 Jun24 JulEvery Mon + Wed 10am-12pm$600$600
B1 1706 SatBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
17 Jun02 SepEvery Sat 1.30pm-3.30pm$600$600
B1 1906 EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
19 Jun04 SepEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$600$600
B1 0607 AmBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
06 Jul15 AugEvery Tue + Thu 10am-12pm$600$600
B1 2307 SunBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
23 Jul08 OctEvery Sun 10am-12pm$600$600
B1 3107 EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
31 Jul16 OctEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$600$600

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Intensive Group Class – City Campus 137 Cecil Street Level 7

Batch CodeIntensive CourseStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
IntB1-1406-x2Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
14 Jun24 JulEvery Mon + Wed 10am-12pm$600$600
IntB1-0607-x2Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
06 Jul15 AugEvery Tue + Thu 10am-12pm$600$600

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Group Class – Jurong Campus 135 Jurong Gateway Road Level 4

Batch CodeCourse LevelStart DateEnd DatePhysical ClassPhysical FeeOnline Fee
JEB1-1306-EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
13 Jun29 Aug
Every Tue 7pm-9pm$600$600
JEB1-2006-Eve*Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
20 Jun05 SepEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$600$600
JEB1-1207-EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
12 Jul04 OctEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$600$600

Conversational Japanese Beginner 2 Group Class – City Campus 137 Cecil Street Level 7

Batch CodeCity CampusStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline FeeTrainer
B2-0706-Eve-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
07 Jun30 AugEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$600$600Kelly
B2-1406-Eve-City*Jap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
14 Jun06 SepEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$600$600
B2-2608-AM-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Jun24 JulEvery Mon+Wed+Fri 10am-12pm$600$600Gohsan
B2-0607-Eve-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
06 Jul21 SepEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$600$600Jeryl
B2-2307-Sun-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
23 Jul08 OctEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$600$600Keith
B2-2507-Eve-CityJap Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
25 Jul17 OctEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$600$600Jeryl

ACRA registered name and number with SSG since 2018
Chinese Edge UEN 53307144E
Supported Course fees of $550 for each course of 12 sessions over three months completion

Course Title and TGS Ref No:

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Class, TGS-2020501769
Conversational Japanese Beginner 2 Class, TGS-2020501958
Conversational Japanese Course (Synchronous e-learning), TGS-2020505153

To apply simply fill up the “Get In Touch” form and our consultant will contact you soon.


Student’s Review

Many of our students come in with high expectations, and we try our best to live up to them. With the help of our Japanese teachers, who are both native speakers and English speakers, students are taught in the best way possible.

We also provide students with Japanese for beginners learning materials for self-study after class to learn Japanese grammar (basic grammar), Japanese pronunciation, and basic vocabulary at home and really improve on them. These students will be understanding Japanese speakers in no time! This way, they will be able to start focusing on their speaking practice and answer questions in our next session.

Another thing we do is encourage our students to socialise by organising events like a learning community, learning exchange parties, or game nights which help students practise their language skills as well as making.

You can also watch the videos of some of our beginner Japanese course students speaking Japanese after they have completed their 12 sessions of Japanese lessons with us. They were able to speak Japanese all thanks to their dedication and the hard work of our teachers. If you want to know more about the learning progress of our past and current students, feel free to give us a call!


Watch Our Beginner 1 Student’s Video after completing 12 sessions

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