Our Japanese Beginner Course is suitable for beginners who want to learn Japanese easily in a short period of time. This course aims to teach beginner-level students the basic words, phrases, and sentences that they can use in practical situations. The course is mainly a Conversational Japanese Course as it does not only teach what you need to know, the course also engages students in actual Japanese conversation as facilitated by our native Japanese teachers.

Japanese Explorer uses syllabus accredited by AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching) and offers a unique system of teaching and learning the Japanese language. The Japanese language is not only treated as a subject to learn, but it is also a skill that the students can master.

So, if you are a beginner and want to learn the Japanese language, Japanese Explorer offers you our Japanese Beginner Course.

The level teaches more than 150 words frequently used in communications and more than 10 grammar items as well as the topics second language learners are most likely to encounter in their study, life and work.

Topics covered: self-introduction, talking about nationalities and occupations, knowing how to ask and buy things in shopping, talking about schedules and travelling, talking about tourist destinations, ordering food in a restaurant, talking about daily routine


So, if you have a plan of travelling, working, or doing business in Japan and want to learn the Japanese Language in no time, the Japanese Beginner’s Course will aid you with the basic and practical skills that you need to converse in the Japanese language.