ur Japanese Intermediate Course offers 80 hours of lessons using our book 3 that comes with the course.

This is best for people who have gone through and mastered the basic expressions and grammar rules of the target language. It also provides activities that help you improve your Japanese language based on what you’ve learned in the beginner’s course.

Japanese Intermediate course provides a challenging way to step up your interest in the language.

After learning the basics, you are able to improve your language and communication skills through unique studying techniques.

Our Intermediate Japanese course covers a variety of lessons for you to able to learn Japanese at a deeper level. The communication process will further be established while you are learning the language step by step. The exposure in this intermediate level will help you understand the structure of the words properly and precisely before embarking to a more complicated Japanese language structure.

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  • Accredited Course syllabus produced by AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching) and curriculums are aligned with the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) international JLPT test standard.
  • Certified Native Japanese Teachers with relevant and related work experience to teach Japanese as a foreign language
  • Our Bilingual Teachers are all Bachelor or Master Degree holders, certified by Japanese Universities to teach Japanese
  • Effective learning tools like fully recorded class Video & Audio CD have proven to yield a much better result when students review these before and after class.
  • Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the workbook will be provided to have more practice
  • Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & e-workbook, audio-CD, and in-house recorded class videos.
  • Communicative teaching approach enables students to achieve high passing rate for JLPT Test.
  • Our Group Class offers well-paced class schedule with Continuous teacher support via emails and WhatsApp

Course fee for a total of 24-hour course with 12 sessions 2 hours each (No GST) is $550

Course materials fee $50 / student includes Course book + E-workbook + DVD software + Recorded Video lessons + Online support.
Per Student One-time registration fee $50 applicable

    • Our School HQ @ 137 Cecil Street is located in between 3 MRT stations namely, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar & Telok Ayer
    • Group Class size on average is 6 to 8 students, quality learning with good teacher ratio
    • Japanese Class Students can choose their own class schedule from below.
    • Group Class Students will have 2 free replacement classes for any group lessons missed during the course period, subject to T&C*.

~ Kindly check with our consultant for more details on the T&C*

Learning Objectives:

This course invites students with from the elementary level completion to intermediate level. They can join this course before approaching to a more advanced level. The course enables students to understand and equipped with tasks such as role-playing and announcement, to acquire operational ability rather than memorisation.

We focus on living situations familiar to learners and Japanese culture and customs as a theme. In addition, to increase vocabulary, they cultivate the ability to think and select appropriate vocabulary and expressions, also gain rich expression power.

Topics covered: To express feeling and understand emotion sensitively. To understand a simple contract in search of a property. To understand Japanese wedding ceremony and custom. To understand Japanese culture and seasons. To understand Japanese history and heritage. To have a better understanding of Japanese expression. To understand common symptoms and illness and injury in the hospital. To understand dressing manner and different clothing for many events and situation.

Conversational Japanese Intermediate Group Class

City Campus @ 137 Cecil Street Lvl 7 or Jurong Campus @ 134 Jurong Gateway Road.

Batch CodeLevel of Learning Start DateEnd DateFrequencyFee / student
City Campus137 Cecil Street Lvl 7
CIC-0310-EveIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
03 Oct19 DecEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
CIC-0510-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
05 Oct21 DecEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
CIC-1710-EveIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
17 Oct02 JanEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
CIC-1910-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
19 Oct04 JanEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
CIC-3110-EveIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
31 Oct16 JanEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
CIC-0211-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
02 Nov18 JanEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
CIC-0509-EveIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
14 Nov30 JanEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
CIC-1611-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
16 Nov08 FebEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
CIC-1909-EveIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Nov13 FebEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550
CIC-3011-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
30 Nov22 FebEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
Jurong Campus134 Jurong Gateway Rd Lvl 4
JIC-1409-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
14 Sep30 NovEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
JIC-2809-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Sep14 DecEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
JIC-1210-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
12 Oct28 DecEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550
JIC-2610-SatIntermediate Jap
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
26 Oct11 JanEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550

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