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Best Tips on How To Master the Japanese Language Fast

Whenever you begin learning a new language, the path to being fluent always looks rocky and challenging. It may get tough at times but with the help of learning in a Japanese class, it can help you step up your Japanese ability every day and get closer to your fluency goal. But what else can you do to supplement these lessons? We share some tips to help you master the language fast. 

Develop an insatiable interest

Just like any other activity, you should develop an intrinsic urge to understand the Japanese language. This will motivate you to research and regularly practice, which will further accelerate your ability to understand the language.

Speak the language every day

Practicing is a crucial step that you should never skip. You should ensure that you speak the Japanese language at least once a day. If possible, you can get Japanese friends who will trigger you to use the language frequently.

Additionally, listening to Japanese native speakers can significantly accelerate your learning process. You will be able to pick some of the most basic concepts of the language. One of the easiest ways to find a native speaker is by enrolling for a Japanese class in Singapore. The teachers are natives in their own language and you’ll be able to learn first-hand. You should lookout for a language school that offers the course within your locality and enrol for the lessons. The benefits will undoubtedly be transformational!

Subscribe to Japanese magazines and listen to radio programs

The more you listen to native Japanese speakers, the more you’ll be motivated to learn more of the language. In fact, you should have a target of listening to approximately one hour of a Japanese radio channel each day. If you can manage to achieve 10,000 hours cumulatively within a duration of 2 years, you will become an expert in the language.

Also, do not avoid Japanese magazines and blogs! At first, you’ll feel as if you are wasting your time, but you’ll progressively understand the writings. This is an excellent avenue to practice the tips that you get from your tutor. If you consistently read Japanese print media, you can be certain that you’ll comfortably write using the language within a year! Make it your business to ask for help from your native friends whenever you come across a difficult word.

Set achievable targets  

One of the biggest mistakes when learning the Japanese language is being overambitious. You should always remember that you are learning a new language! As such, you cannot join a school and expect to be fluent in the language within a few days. If you enrol in a college with this mentality, you can be certain that you will be frustrated.

To have a flawless learning process, you should have measurable targets as advised by your college tutor. For example, you can decide that you will first dedicate your time to hiragana. This will enable you to get all the concepts of hiragana before moving on to more complicated concepts. The step-by-step approach will simplify the process and enable you to enjoy every stage of the process.

Learn and sing Japanese music

We understand that talking can be boring, right? Well, to break the monotony, you should learn a few Japanese songs and make it a habit to sing regularly. Also, you should ensure that you follow the song’s lyrics, which will help you to grasp kana and kanji concepts, thus making learning Japanese more of a fun activity than a boring lecture.


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