MOE Japanese O level Tuition

Japanese Explorer offers MOE Japanese Courses training and tuition under the Ministry of Education Language Centre (MOELC).

Japanese Course In Singapore, Japanese Course Singapore

Many students choose to take MOE Japanese subject as a Third Language. The Benefits of learning MOE Japanese as a Third Language, it opens up new horizons to better understand and appreciate Japanese language & culture. It also facilitates better interaction with native speakers and enhances future learning experiences and job opportunities.

This opens doors to tertiary education & scholarships in Japan; it also increases job opportunities in MNCs in Singapore, and local enterprises with overseas networks or operations in Europe, the Americas and Japan.

Upon completing the MOE Japanese O level tuition, students will display greater effort made to learn a foreign language, the greater the brain growth in areas “involved in the learning of new material and spatial navigation”. This also significantly enhances all four divergent thinking abilities, i.e., fluency, elaboration, originality and flexibility. Such enhancement can be attributed to specific cognitive practices that language learning brings, and the psychological consequences of being trained under a system different from the Japanese language learning system.”

The student will be eligible for Admission to the MOE Japanese third language course by satisfying the below three criteria for the respective third language.

Foreign Languages (FL) (Japanese)
• For Japanese, students must have taken Chinese Language /Higher Chinese Language at PSLE
• Students must be Singaporean or SPR

In MOE schools:
Lessons are conducted once a week. Each weekly session comprises 3 hours 15 minutes of in-class instruction at MOELC, followed by 45 minutes of online independent learning at home.


What makes our MOE Japanese Course Different?

  • Accredited MOE Japanese syllabus from the coursebook name Shin Bunka Nihonga Shokyu & Nihonga Chukyu. These curriculums are in line with the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) international test standard.


  • Certified MOE Trained Japanese Teachers with relevant experience to teach Japanese as a third language under the MOELC system. Many of them are currently teaching secondary 1 to secondary 4 students in schools
  • Effective learning tools like fully recorded class Video & Audio CD have proven to yield a much better result when students review these before and after class.

  • Our Private Class offers great flexibility in scheduling with No Lessons missed. (Choose your date, time and venue for class)
  • Our Group Class offers great interaction and practice among students and teachers. Both Physical class and Online Zoom class available for your convenience


The Japanese O level tuition class has the below packages available:

Private O level Japanese lessons are conducted with great flexibility under a package of 10 sessions 90mins each.

  • For Secondary 1 to 4 students
  • This one to one course can be delivered via Zoom Online Japanese class or Physical Japanese lessons in school face to face.
  • Students can choose the preferred date and time for this private course.
  • The private Japanese course of 10 sessions 90mins each, fee per student is $1280 plus a registration fee of $50.
  • Course material will be using MOELC third language coursebook with extra supplements provided during the course.

Japanese JLPT test will be an internationally recognised certificate to show one’s Japanese proficiency

MOELC has Japanese as an O level third language subject and with its grading, the student is able to compare this equivalent to JLPT or to take JLPT at a later stage.

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