Small Group Classes

These are what we offer

Specially Designed Course for each group

We make sure that your courses are designed specifically to your group’s needs. Examples of group courses are for students beginning to learn Japanese, professionals who want to improve their skills for work or business and a group of friends who want to learn Japanese.

Interactive Learning

Each Japanese group lesson is designed based on the learning style of the group. We do role playing which engages real life situations for each group. If the group consists of students who plan to tour in Japan, then you are given scenarios in which you can practice the Japanese language for necessary conversations.

Daily Conversations

Since our classes are specifically for groups of students who can relate to one another, we make sure you have a special time in class to practice your conversation skills. Ten to fifteen minutes per class is dedicated to just chit chat with each other in Japanese. Students are learning while building stronger ties with each other at the same time.

Class Size

The number of students per class plays a significant role in each student’s learning experience. On average, we have about 8 students per class, but for our group Japanese lessons, it depends on the request of the students, or we do the grouping ourselves based on your profiles. We believe that learning is better and efficient when you are with people you are comfortable with.

Added Courses

Since a group class consists of students who share something in common, we offer additional courses that can enhance your learning of the Japanese language better. If you and your friends are fans of Japanese pop culture for example, then we add a course about Japanese pop culture. We make sure you also learn the things you like about Japan.

Why Enroll in a Group Japanese Course?

Many students, especially beginners, are quite shy at first. However, there are some students who are confident and comfortable in learning with their friends or prefer being in a group that is close to their age or profession.

We, at Japanese Explorer, make sure that every group is accommodated according to your learning style and needs. We offer specially designed courses for you and your group, so we make sure that at the end of the course, you get what you are aiming for. Before the Japanese group course starts, we provide a checklist of the things you want to learn or improve.

Find out why many students choose us

  • Accredited Course syllabus produced by AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching) and curriculums are aligned with the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) international JLPT test standard.
  • Certified Native Japanese Teachers with relevant and related work experience to teach Japanese as a foreign language
  • Our Bilingual Teachers are all Bachelor or Master Degree holders, certified by Japanese Universities to teach Japanese
  • Effective learning tools like fully recorded class videos & audio files have proven to yield a much better result when students review these before and after class.
  • Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the workbook will be provided to have more practice
  • Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & e-workbook, audio files, and in-house recorded class videos.
  • The communicative teaching approach enables students to achieve a high passing rate for the JLPT Test.
  • Our Group Class offers a well-paced class schedule with Continuous teacher support via emails and WhatsApp
  • Live Streaming Video Online Japanese Classes via Zoom, so that you can continue improving your Japanese Proficiency with our Native Teacher in class, without travelling out of your Home.

Are You Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits?

Yes, Singaporean age 25yrs old and above is eligible to claim for SkillsFuture Credits under our parent-school name “Learning Explorer Language Centre PL” UEN: 201619499C


Our Japanese courses qualify for Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP) support, and NTUC members get course fee UTAP Japanese course support of up to a maximum of $250.

For a total of 24-hour course with 12 sessions, 2 hours each (No GST) the Fee is $650

Course materials fee $50 ~ includes Japanese Course book + E-workbook + audio files + Recorded Video lessons + Online support.
Per Student One-time registration fee $50

    • Our School City Campus @ 137 Cecil Street is located in between 3 MRT stations namely, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar & Telok Ayer
    • Our School Jurong Campus is located opposite Jurong East MRT along Jurong Gateway Road
    • Small Group Class size, quality learning with a good teacher ratio*
    • Japanese Class Students can choose their own class schedule from below.
    • Group Class Students will have free Online replacement classes for any physical lessons missed during the course period, subject to T&C*.
    • Live Streaming Online Japanese Course available

~ Kindly check with our consultant for more details on the T&C*

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Japanese Course Schedule ~ Group Classes

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Group Class ~ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch CodeJapanese LevelStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
JB1 1504 AMBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
15 Apr29 MayEvery Mon & Wed
10am-12pm | No Class
on 1/5
JB1 1704 AM*Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
17 Apr06 JunEvery Mon & Wed
10am-12pm | No Class
on 10/4 & 1/5
JB1 2404 EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
24 Apr24 JulEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$650$650
JB1 2704 SatBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
27 Apr13 JulEvery Sat 3.30pm-5.30pm$650$650
JB1 0905 AMBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
09 May18 JunEvery Tue & Thu
JB1 1505 EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
15 May07 AugEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$650$650
JB1 2605 SunBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
26 May11 AugEvery Sun 3pm-5pm$650$650

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Group Class ~ Jurong Campus next to Jurong East MRT @ Jurong Gateway Road

Batch CodeJapanese LevelStart DateEnd DatePhysical ClassPhysical FeeOnline Fee
JEB1-2404-EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
24 Apr24 JulEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$650$650
JEB1-0805-Eve*Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
08 May31 JulEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$650$650
JEB1-2405-EveBeginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
24 May16 AugEvery Fri 7pm-9pm
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Intensive Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Group Class ~ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch CodeIntensive CourseStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
IntB1-1504-x2Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
15 Apr29 MayEvery Mon & Wed
IntB1-1704-x2Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
17 Apr03 JunEvery Mon & Wed
IntB1-0905-x2Beginner One
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
09 May18 JunEvery Tue & Thu 10am-12pm$650$650

Conversational Japanese Beginner 2 Group Class ~ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch CodeJapanese LevelStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline FeeTrainer
JB2-0404-AM-CityBeginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
04 Apr14 MayEvery Tue & Thu
JB2-0904-AM-City*Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
09 Apr16 mayEvery Tue & Thu
JB2-1504-Eve-CityBeginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
15 Apr08 JulEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$650$650Jeryl
JB2-2204-Eve-City*Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
22 Apr15 JulEvery Mon 7pm-9pm$650$650
JB2-2804-Sun-CityBeginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
28 Apr14 JulEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$650$650Jeryl
JB2-0505-Sun-City*Beginner 2
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
05 May21 JulEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$650$650

Conversational Japanese Elementary Group Class ~ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch CodeLevel of Learning Start DateEnd DateSchedulePhysical FeeOnline Fee
Total 36 sessionsTeacher: Jeryl
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
02 Apr25 JunEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$650$650
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
16 Apr09 JulEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$650$650
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
30 Apr23 JulEvery Tue 7pm-9pm$650$650

Conversational Japanese Intermediate Group Class ~ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch CodeLevel of LearningStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
Total 36 sessionsTeacher: Jeryl Lu
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
06 Apr22 JunEvery Sat 11am-1pm$650$650
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
20 Apr06 JulEvery Sat 11am-1pm$650$650
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
04 May20 JulEvery Sat 11am-1pm$650$650

Business Japanese Group Class ~ City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch CodeLevel of LearningStart DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
CBJ-0704-SunBusiness Japanese
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
07 Apr09 JunEvery Sun 3pm-5pm$650$650
CBJ-2104-SunBusiness Japanese
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
21 Apr23 JunEvery Sun 3pm-5pm$650$650
CBJ-0505-SunBusiness Japanese
(12 sessions 2hrs each)
05 May07 JulEvery Sun 3pm-5pm$650$650

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have an online Japanese class available?

  • Yes, we have both physical classes and online classes available, student can choose either learning option to attend.

If I choose Physical class. Can I still attend some sessions via Online throughout the course if I cannot come to the centre for class?

  • Yes, for Physical class students, at any point if you cannot attend in person, feel free to inform the teacher that you will be taking the session as Online via Zoom.

How do I claim my SkillsFuture Credits for the Language course?

  • Firstly, after the student indicates to us which class to attend, our school will email the registration form.
  • Next, we will prepare the SkillsFuture invoice and funding application guide for students to apply for funding via the MySkillsFuture portal.
  • After claim submission, the claim ID, will obtain an approval with a default $700 SF credits. Student can top up the balance to start class..
  • Student ready Singpass on this first session to scan for attendance followed by the collection of course material


ACRA registered name and number since 2016
Learning Explorer Language Centre PL UEN 201619499C
Supported course fees of $650 for each course of 12 sessions over three months completion

Course Title and TGS Ref No:

Conversational Japanese Beginner 1 Course, TGS-2023021911
Conversational Japanese Beginner 2 Course, TGS-2023021912
Business Japanese Course, TGS-2023021904


To apply simply fill up the “Get In Touch” form and our consultant will contact you soon.


Watch Our Beginner 1 Student’s Video after completing 12 sessions

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