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Mistakes To Avoid When Learning Japanese As A Beginner

What Mistakes Do Japanese Language Learners Make?

Some mistakes can derail your learning process and possibly cause you to dread going for your Japanese classes. These are some of the destructive habits you should avoid:

1. Failure to identify a conversational partner

When you start your Japanese classes, you should be keen to practice all the concepts you’ve learned. If you fail to develop this basic habit, you will gradually lose interest in the language which will make the remaining part of your course boring and unfulfilling.

To enable you to practice regularly, you should identify a partner who will motivate you to use the language in a conversation. This way, you will quickly grasp the basics of the language, thus helping you to enjoy the subsequent lessons.

2. Failure to research independently

While we encourage you to enroll in a Japanese class in Singapore, it is paramount to realise that the tutor will only offer a small percentage of the required content. As such, you should conduct independent research which will significantly reduce the time you need to master the Japanese language. To achieve this, you should ensure that you obtain many flashcards, books, and other resources that elaborate on the basics of the Japanese language.

3. Fear of making mistakes

You can never be perfect within a few days of learning. One of the best learning approaches is making mistakes and learning from them. If you fear making mistakes, your learning process will definitely derail significantly.

You should always be willing to get feedback from native speakers or any other person who can help you grow. If you come in contact with a Japanese native, let them know that you desire to learn their language. This way, they will not feel as if they are disrespecting you by correcting your errors. Also, you should get the input of the certified tutors from your school regularly. If they were to correct you, ensure that you take their comments positively and rectify your errors.

4. Failure to make use of online resources

Besides attending your classes, you should adequately make use of online resources, including podcasts, video chats, and other applications.

The podcasts offer you listening opportunities which provide an excellent learning environment. Every episode of the podcast has a theme. This will help you to classify the words based on where and how they should be used. Some of the excellent podcasts that you should consider listening to include Learn Japanese Pod Podcasts and NHK.

Apart from the podcasts, you can have online chats with Japanese natives who will help to boost your confidence when using the language. Ensure that you let your online friends understand that your Japanese language comprehension is limited. This way, they will be courteous enough to correct you when you’re wrong.


Learning the Japanese language is an exercise that requires intense practicing. If you get it wrong from the onset, you may experience difficulties when you try to catch up. To help you avoid frustrations, we have listed some of the common mistakes that beginners make. Make sure to read through the list and avoid making these mistakes.

In addition, you should make full use of all the resources around you. If the language experts and your language teacher correct you, you are obliged to take it positively and rectify your mistakes.


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