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Tips To Help You Make Japanese Speaking Friends Online

If you have just registered for a Japanese class in Singapore, you must be excited about this new journey. You will learn a new language and a new and fascinating culture. One of the most important nuggets of advice that your tutor will give is that you need to practice, practice and practice!

There aren’t many Japanese speaking people in Singapore. However, the Internet is awash with Japanese speaking communities.

And thanks to social platforms, there are infinite opportunities for you to reach out, meet and interact with native Japanese speakers. Read on and get tips on how you can add to your Japanese lessons whilst making lifetime bonds.

Look for people with similar interests

The first step when looking for individuals and groups online is to look for people with interests similar to yours. Interests are what will spark conversations and create initial bonds. As you connect, you’ll get to learn how to express your favourite things in Japanese!

What do you enjoy doing? Are you a culinary enthusiast? What are your professional interests? What are your hobbies? Do you love reading books? Or do you love video games?

Whatever your interests may be, there are over 130 million native Japanese speakers out there. Many are already plugged into the internet. Surely, you can’t miss a person who rhymes with you.

Make the most of language exchange websites and apps

If rolling into the internet and social media platforms seem too ambiguous or abstract for you, consider a more specific approach. Connect with Japanese speakers on language exchange websites.

Apps such as HiNative make it possible for millions of people who want to interact in other languages to connect. Each person has a primary purpose of connecting with foreigners. Therefore, expect that people will reach out to you even as you reach out to new people. Chances are high that you’ll find more than one match in no time.

However, since there are people reaching out to you as well, it’s important to prepare a profile that’s concise and specific about your expectations and what you can offer.

Make small talk to refine your language skills

As you immerse in the new communities and make acquaintances, take what you’ve learned in your Japanese classes to new heights by learning how to make small talk.

Simple introductory words and sentences such as saying hello! (こんにちは!) Or “it’s nice to meet you” (お会いできて光栄です) are good, but cannot take you far.

Strive to make small talk. Find out what are their favourite activities in your common interests or favourite publication if its people who enjoy reading.

The point is, you need to stretch yourself to make small talk in order to keep the conversation going. You might not be the outgoing type, but remember, you want to put into practice what you learned in your Japanese class lessons.

These tips will not only help you to develop long-lasting relationships but also take you to new heights in your Japanese lessons. There are more than 130 million native Japanese speakers out there and many are already interacting in cyberspace. So, reach out and tap into online opportunities.


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