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The Ultimate Guide To How You Can Learn Any Language Quickly

Learning a new language in a short time might sound impossible, but it’s actually not.

According to many language experts, it is possible to learn your second language in a matter of weeks. Besides regularly taking language lessons such as Japanese courses in Singapore, you can also master the basics or speak it fluently enough to hold a conversation in just a few short months.

While it might definitely still take you years to make a full career based on your multi-lingual ability, you can master speaking the language quickly. Here’s how:

1. Practice conversations with yourself

Whether you have someone else to speak to, or just yourself, change up your inner monologue and talk to yourself in a foreign language. This is a great way to practice the language, be familiar with it and make it easier for you to hold a conversation.

2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

According to some studies, it’s not necessarily true that children learn languages faster than adults because they’re younger. Instead, it is because children lack self-consciousness and have no fear of making mistakes so they can pick up a new language faster.

It’s no secret that we learn by making mistakes. Where the more mistakes we make, the faster that we’ll able to learn.

By learning a new language, you’re expected to make mistakes. Unfortunately, as we grow older, we tend to develop an overly-negative view of mistakes severely hampering our ability to learn a new language.

Adopting a more positive mentality towards mistakes is key to growth and freedom. This positivity can help you learn a new language faster.

3. Immerse yourself in the language

Switch the default language of your laptop and phone to the language you’re trying to learn. Listen to songs from their media and read books in their language. Observe Native speakers on how they talk and try to emulate them.

The more you expose yourself to a foreign language, the more it becomes familiar. With increased familiarity, it’ll be easier for you to speak it fluently.

4. Find your motivation

It may sound simple, but it’s also very important – your motivation is vital when learning a new language.

The language acquisition process is long and arduous. You may get bored midway, and if your reason is to impress others with a couple of phrases, then you most likely won’t succeed in speaking it fluently.

For example, before taking up Japanese courses in Singapore, find out exactly what you’re trying to accomplish by learning a new language. Once you do, commit to it and see it through.

Learning a new language is socially and mentally beneficial and for your career as well. To speak a second language fluently and hold proper conversations, follow these tips. Don’t forget to also do your research and enrol in an excellent language school!


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