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Which Japanese Class Is Better For You: Group or One-on-One

Learning a new language is only effective when considerations are in place to accommodate the many different learning styles. This should put into account both beginners and advanced students. Japanese language schools cater for both cases. Whichever you are, learning Japanese offers excellent learning opportunities.

The answer to this question largely depends on two things: the aspect of the language you want to learn and your motivations.

What Aspect of the Language Do You Want to Learn

If you want to register for Japanese courses Singapore to enhance your public image, help your conversational skills in meetings, get comfortable with regular boardroom talk, improve on your listening skills or even learn the art of negotiations and debate, consider a group class.

On the other hand, some of us may want to be comfortable in casual conversations, improve our writing, learn industry-specific vocabulary, practicing interview techniques, and correct previous mistakes. If these define your purpose, you need to look for language classes with one-on-one lessons.

What is Your Motivation?

If you are a social person who enjoys having conversations with others, then a classroom experience is good for you. On those lazy days, when you have no motivation to get to class, the thought of missing out will drag you back to class. If you love teamwork and being around others, attending Japanese lessons Singapore in a class environment is all that you need.

If you like to work on your own and need the attention of language instructor, schools that offer private Japanese classes in Singapore is what you need. People prone to distractions need a one-on-one instructor who will be reminding you of your expectations.

Using the example of the Japanese language, we will look at the how they benefit students.

Benefits of Group Classes

  • Interactions

In a group environment, you get an opportunity to interact with classmates, which is beneficial in language development. Japanese lessons Singapore that encourage a group set up enable students to be part of the discussion, debates, and more chances of practice in speaking and listening.

  • More Friends

There is a potential of being friends with other classmates, which is the right step in learning the Japanese language. Social connections play an important role that will, in turn, improve your learning skills when holding a conversation with peers.

  • Somebody May Ask an Important Question

Group lessons give you an opportunity to listen to what others have to ask about an aspect you never understood. Therefore, you will expand your knowledge by gaining useful information.

  • Reduced Pressure

Since you are not the focus of the whole language class, there will be less pressure giving you more time to digest the information.

Benefits of Private Classes

  • Personalised approach

Since you are alone, the Japanese classes Singapore will be entirely personal and designed to fit your style.

  • Flexibility

If you are a busy professional with an unpredictable schedule, private one-on-one classes will be much better. You can attend classes when you have time without having to worry about missed classes.

  • Move at Your Pace

Since you are the only person in the language class, your speed dictates how quickly the lessons go.

  • Appropriate for Shy Students

If you feel shy to learn the Japanese language in a new environment or you cannot withstand stares from strangers, a private tutor will help go through your Japanese courses Singapore comfortably.


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