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How To Utilise Your SkillsFuture Credit Well

In the current fast-paced world, it is incumbent for every individual to constantly stay updated on new advancements and upgrade their exist4ing skills to stay relevant in the job market. In this regard, the Singaporean government has introduced the SkillsFuture initiative meant to provide all Singaporeans with an opportunity to upgrade their skills through education as well as training courses. Through this initiative, the skills, zeal, and contributions of every person will propel Singapore’s future development towards a world-class economy plus an inclusive society.

To this end, every Singaporean aged 25 and above is eligible for $500 SkillsFuture Credit. While this credit doesn’t expire, you can only spend it on SkillsFuture-certified courses. There’s a wide variety of courses on offer, and there are several course providers, including institutions of higher learning like local polytechnics, universities, as well as online course providers. It’s such a great feeling knowing you have $500 SkillsFuture credits lying in an account. But how can you use your credits to maximum effect?

Not everybody is meant to be employed. Some are meant to be employers or investors. To this end, you need to learn some technical things when dealing with finances. First, you need to know how to calculate and file your company tax returns to avoid squabbles with the relevant authorities. Moreover, you also need to know how to observe and determine potential growth opportunities in financial markets both locally and abroad.  You can learn these skills by taking up a basic finance course in one of the many training academies and polytechnics in Singapore.

Project management
One of the skills that are widely relevant across different industries is project management. As a project manager, you get to work with teams comprising of individuals with different personalities in various roles. You’re the overall leader. A big chunk of a project manager’s time is used to communicate or pass on ideas, goals, and resolutions to respective teams. To this end, having good presentation skills and knowledge of different languages comes in handy. Additionally, good team management skills are important for any project manager to help in coordinating team groups, setting goals, delegating tasks, resolving differences and evaluating performance. Thus, taking up a project management course is beneficial.

Cooking and sewing
Do you enjoy eating bagels, croissants or chapatti? Rather than always buying these foods outside, why not learn to bake them on your own? It’s such a wonderful feeling knowing how to create unique recipes to match different taste buds.  To do so, you need to learn some basic skills such as cooking and baking as well. Rather than just chasing money every day, it’s important that you know how to prepare a decent meal for your family, bake cakes, and bread for your guests, and mend damaged clothes instead of tossing them out. Many don’t see the importance of these homely skills. Aim to stand above the rest. You can enrol for basic courses in cooking, baking and sewing in any of the community centres nearby.

Probably you’ve been feeling the Japanese wave lately, especially with all the pop songs and Japanese dramas. Japanese companies play a crucial part in Singapore’s global business environment. If you wish to learn Japanese and talk fluently with the nationals, here in Singapore or on an expedition to Japan, consider enrolling for singapore’s japanese lessons.

When you join a SkillsFuture Japanese language class, you will learn a variety of things, including Japanese vocabulary, grammar as well as conversational tips.  Some of the topics that you’ll learn in this Japanese course in Singapore include greetings and introduction, phone etiquette, daily conversation, time and weather and so on. Once you complete the course, you will get a certificate much to your delight. You can choose whether or not to move on to the next level.  Learning the language may prove useful in your place of work. In fact, it may open up more doors your way.

Forget about the old adage that says ‘an old dog can’t learn new tricks’. The more you learn new skills, the more you grow. Knowledge has no bounds. Thanks to the SkillsFuture movement, you have an almost infinite list of new things to learn in a Japanese language school in Singapore which helps boost your employability. You should make good use of your $500 credit to pay for a course of your liking.


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