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Discipline: The Key Element In Online Language Learning

The global pandemic has pushed for a discontinuous shift in operations in every sector imaginable, the education institutions included. Traditional classrooms now have to move over to the virtual space for the sake of safety.

In the perspective of both the teachers and students, this is a significant change despite it being a mere environmental shift. Without the presence of a teacher and peers in the same space, you’d quickly realise learning online can surprisingly be rather difficult. Firstly, you’d have to deal with the lack of face-to-face interaction and in turn, social pressure to engage and interact during class. Add distractions and less oversight, and your learning is at risk!

At this juncture, your options are limited as the circuit breaker measures have limited one’s movements. The only thing you have control over is your approach to online learning. Make the best out of your learning by being attentive and disciplined. Here’s a brief rundown of the knowhow.


As with any other traditional classes, it is important that you arrive at your class on time. Not only is it basic courtesy, disrupting an ongoing class won’t give your teachers and peers a favourable impression of you. Unlike that of a traditional class, you can’t simply sneak in whilst no one is looking. Since everybody has a clear view of who is in the class, a sudden appearance will not be appreciated. If you were late for class, you also can’t have a heads up from your peers to catch up with the lesson. It’d be a very confusing and disconcerting lesson in the first few minutes, and that’s precious time wasted just so you can catch up with the rest!

So ensure that you have a few minutes to spare when readying for your online classes. Take the time to ensure that you know how to work the video software, your internet is working and ready your materials right by your side.

Looking Presentable

Timeliness isn’t the only thing you’ll need to upkeep. Grooming is also a practice you shouldn’t throw out of the window just because you won’t be physically meeting your classmates or teachers. After all, you are meeting them, albeit virtually.

Imagine having a peer that signs into the online Japanese lessons with bedhair and is still decked in their pyjamas. Nothing wrong with being comfortable, but it may serve as another form of distraction for the rest of the class. Furthermore, such an unkempt appearance insinuates the lack of preparation or care for learning!

Thus, always ensure that you look presentable before going for your online lessons! Something as simple as grooming will actually put you in the state of readiness for learning and it’s easier to follow the lesson when you’re feeling refreshed.

Learning At Your Own Pace

Online lessons will most of the time, if not always, provide students with materials online. Students are expected to download them and try to understand the material before their online lessons. Thus, it’s imperative that discipline is always maintained throughout the course. In the case where you procrastinate and not do your due diligence, you will find it almost impossible to grasp the lessons with ease.

Even if online classes do give you the freedom and liberty to learn at your own pace, this flexibility needs to be supported with staunch discipline on your part.


Accessibility of education has been limited due to the novel coronavirus, and unless we see a significant improvement, the reality is unlikely to change. With that said, it’s important to always hone your discipline, regardless of whether you’re learning in a traditional classroom or otherwise. Besides, being disciplined doesn’t just pertain to classes, it’s a habit that should be cultivated in all aspects of life!

On that note, be responsible and disciplined when Phase 2 and Phase 3 rolls around by maintaining good personal hygiene and social distancing. Like most institutions, we are doing our part by shifting our Japanese classes online as well. Do stay safe and let’s do our part to flatten the curve!


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