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3 Ways Online Japanese Classes Offer Great Flexibility

While normalcy was always about students sitting together and learning from their teachers in a classroom setting, the current situation in the world means that this norm is no longer possible. However, while physical learning may not be possible at the moment, online Japanese lessons have become much more accessible for those seeking to learn a new language!

If you are ready to get your language learning journey started, here are a few ways online Japanese classes in Singapore can make learning a possibility for you!

Prior Uploading of Lessons

One of the most important ways in which Japanese language lessons are being held flexibly online is tutors uploading learning modules in advance. These instructors are able to put together their entire curriculum online and upload it directly to the relevant destinations, such as online servers.

Once that is done, students can then download these lessons and learn at their own pace. Instructors would also not need to stay up to teach, ensuring that learning can go on for their students at their own leisure.

Doing Away with Coordination

One of the significant hindrances of classroom learning is the immense scheduling and coordination that had to be done between students and instructors. For example, students come from very diverse backgrounds. While some of them may be students studying in schools or colleges, there are also others who are professionals currently working in jobs. It can prove difficult for those who are working to take time out and physically attend a Japanese course in a classroom setting.

With classes held in a virtual environment, every student, irrespective of his or her background, could easily schedule their learning depending on their own convenience. This way, students can maximise their time for learning and ensure that they can work and study at the same time.

Multiple Stages of Learning

When you have students from diverse backgrounds, each of them may be at a different stage of learning in their language. In this particular instance, in the context of linguistic learning, many students vary in different stages of the learning curve.

For instance, while some are currently starting on their journey to learn Japanese, there are others who may have already been fairly well-versed in the language. To focus on beginner lessons for the latter group would be unfair, but it would be necessary for the former. This entire flexible mode of learning shows that each student is able to quickly pick up from a particular learning point that is relevant to his or her learning curve.

Whether they are a beginner, an intermediate learner or an advanced learner, this flexibility ensures that everyone is able to start out learning where they should.


Online language classes have allowed for a plethora of options that are not just limited to the option of Japanese classes in Singapore. While it may be difficult for us to cope during this time, you can always continue your learning right in the comforts of your own home. Enrol in online Japanese lessons and continue your learning while you stay safe indoors!


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