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Ideal Japanese Online Learning Starts With Quality Teachers

The onset of the global coronavirus pandemic has meant that most learning activity across Singapore has moved online onto a virtual space, in order to curb its spread. Japanese classes clearly are no exception.

The accessibility of these lessons has allowed many to jump at the very opportunity to pick up Japanese as a second language. Whilst it is much more convenient and easy to enrol in an online class, it still doesn’t dismiss the fact that one needs to do proper research before choosing the preferred online institution. After all, one’s learning progress doesn’t just lie on the shoulders of the students, but it’s dependent on the teachers as well. The importance attributed to teachers providing these lessons remains just as high, especially when you’re picking up something completely foreign. We explain this aspect in greater detail below.

Complexity Of The Language

The Japanese language is clearly not one of the easiest languages in the world to learn. On the contrary – especially when it comes to those who are entirely new and unfamiliar to it, Japanese proves to be quite a challenging language to learn at the outset.

Sure, subsequently, the proverbial ride does get smoother, but as you begin proceedings on your Japanese language lessons, you will find it difficult to grasp the complex nuances of Japanese. With this being the case, it is imperative that your Japanese teachers are not only familiar with the language, but have the experience and skill to impart their knowledge to their students effectively.

Students at Different Stages of Learning

As a grown-up, if you recall your time in school or college, you will surely remember that while you were good in some subjects, you were not so good in others. Similarly, while you may have easily grasped lessons in one subject, your classmates might have found the going rather; or vice versa.

All of this points to the fact that when it comes to learning, we are all at different stages of proficiency; even the same person can have a different pace of learning, depending on the situation at hand.

Experienced instructors of any Japanese online course are aware of these subtleties and vary the manner in which they impart lessons accordingly. Whilst it may be rather difficult to do so in a class setting, the Japanese teachers will need to be able to curate a curriculum that suits you, and if not, suits majority of the students.

Experience with Imparting Lessons Online

This is a very important factor when it comes to imparting lessons online, whether it is for Japanese language or otherwise. Novice instructors are often not aware of the nuances with which online classes are held. They often get confused with the way teaching technology and hardware; software etc. is to be used.

On the other hand, experienced instructors know how to manage the online interface well. Whether it involves one-to-one lessons between the instructor and a student, or lessons being imparted to an entire bunch of students, they find the going equally manageable. Therefore having experienced instructors, who are well aware of the dynamics of imparting Japanese language lessons online, simply cannot be ruled out.


Clearly, having appropriate instructors makes a world of difference when it comes to taking up Japanese lessons online.

This particularly includes the ability to learn business Japanese, which has its additional set of intricacies and nuances. So if you are in an area where being well versed with business Japanese, not only in terms of linguistics but also in terms of your conduct, would genuinely matter, then it would be a complete no-brainer as far as taking up online Japanese classes is concerned.

At Japanese Explorer, our native Japanese teachers are equipped with the skills and experience in teaching in both traditional and online classrooms. Our teachers are dedicated individuals who are committed to assisting one in improving their Japanese proficiency and fluency. So, don’t hesitate to learn Japanese online with us as you stay safe during these challenging times.


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