Learning Japanese In Singapore

5 Ways To Learn Japanese Faster

The Japanese language may seem like a beautiful and interesting language, but we all know that in truth, it is one of the hardest and most difficult languages on earth.

But don’t fret, there are some tricks and tips on how to learn Japanese faster.

1. Know the essence

If you are planning to learn Japanese in Singapore, you need to know that the Japanese language has two main ways of reading and writing. The first one in Hiragana while the second one is in katakana.

After you have fully mastered both ways, you can then move on to actually speaking and writing in the same way that the natives do.

2. Use stickies, post-it notes or posters

One easier way to learn hiragana and katakana is by drawing the alphabets and words. Paint big posters of different words and sentences, put them on your room wall where you can see them regularly. According to research, if you see something just before going to bed or at the time when you wake up, you are more likely to memorize or remember it for a long time.

Hence, by putting posters of Japanese words and sentences just in front of your bed will help you in remembering the vocabulary and learning the Japanese language in a much faster way. Instead of posters, you can also use stickies or post-it notes.

3. Learn Kanji through Flash Cards

Kanji is practically logographic Chinese characters that the Japanese language has adopted. And the easiest way to master it is to basically just use flash cards.

Simply put the Kanji character in front and write the readings of it on the back. Test yourself by looking at the flash card and try to think of the meaning of it. Post a sticky note or mark those flash cards in which you are a little weak and revise them regularly until you get a hold on all of them.

4. Communicate in the Japanese language

When you are going to a class to learn any language, the class will only teach you the rules, the letters, how to read, how to write and what grammar goes where; but the class will never teach you how to speak and communicate with other people. When you go out in that real world and you have to speak the language with real people, you might experience certain difficulties.

It is very much important and essential to communicate regularly in the language you are trying to learn. You can consider working in a Japanese environment which forces you to speak Japanese. So, while listening to the Japanese people, the way they talk; you can also learn how to talk Japanese. It can also help you in how you construct your sentences and ultimately, help you speak properly in Japanese.

5. Watch TV shows

While the fourth tip is only possible if you are living in Japan, it does not mean that it is completely impossible to pick up the right way to talk even while you are not actually present there.

The other alternative is to watch TV shows instead. Try to watch shows with Japanese subtitles to understand how they talk. It is also recommended to repeat the dialogues in the same way as actors do to really speak in the way that actual Japanese people do.

By following the above five amazing tricks, you can get command over the Japanese language. Nonetheless, there are many great academies and institutions in Singapore that teach the Japanese language from the most basic courses to advance courses. Enrol in one of these institutes and speak Japanese like a pro.


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