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5 Reasons To Learn The Japanese Language

Japanese is the ninth most widely spoken language with more than 130 million people speaking that language. Having its roots from the Korean and Chinese language, the Japanese language has gained immense popularity in a social and business setting.

Here are 5 reasons as to why you should learn the Japanese language.

1. The Language of the Tech-Savvy Generation

Japan is a country that has made remarkable progress in the field of technology. They brought out so much innovation in the tech field and we believe that it shall be the language of our future tech-savvy generation.

So, prepare yourself beforehand to get a hand on the language of the future world leader.

2. Historical Significance

Japan is rich in culture and history. Its literature is full of impactful stories, novels and dramas. You can go deep inside the culture only if you know the language in detail.

3. Academic Value

Every year, students from all over the world visit Japan in Students Exchange Program. Many Japanese universities also offer scholarships to International students to come and study in Japan.

For those students, it is a good idea to learn the Japanese language before they board on the plane for Japan. And a great way to start is by signing up for Japanese classes in Singapore so they are prepared and ready to interact with the Japanese students.

4. Gateway to the Language of Other Asian Countries

As stated earlier, the Japanese language has its roots from the Korean and Chinese languages. Kanji characters are totally similar to the Chinese characters.

Likewise, Japanese grammar is similar to Korean grammar. Hence, by learning the Japanese language, we can get a chance to take a glimpse of other languages as well.

5. Makes Travelling Easier

By knowing their language, we can easily travel to different cities in Japan and communicate with the locals.

We can interact with local people and live like a local person. And most importantly, we can enjoy their foods and unique dishes, without being worried about the ingredients in them. All this travelling and interaction with different people can help us to bring out creative ideas and confidence in ourselves.

In a nutshell, the Japanese language is one of the most spoken and effective languages in the world. While it can help sharpen the mind of children so they obtain the best grades in their exams and finals, the Japanese language also allows one to communicate with others easily in a friendly manner.

From the article above, one can clearly see the many benefits of learning the Japanese language so when given the opportunity, you should pick it up as it would be helpful in all perspectives of life. And it will surely be worth learning by people all over the world and not just limited to those residing in Japan.


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