3 Essential Things To Look For In A Japanese Language School

3 Essential Things To Look For In A Japanese Language School

Japanese is one of the most interesting and beneficial languages to learn. There are lots of different situations where knowledge of the Japanese language would be an advantage, such as when studying in Japan, applying for a job, and even simply watching anime or reading manga. If you want to become fluent in Japanese, the best way to master the language is to sign up for a Japanese course in Singapore.


There are many language schools in the country that offer Japanese classes. However, to ensure your mastery of the Japanese language, it is important to carefully select the language school you will be attending. In Singapore, good Japanese language schools are everywhere. To help you make the right choice, here are some essential things you should consider when choosing a Japanese language school.

1. Teaching Methodology

Most Japanese language schools carry out a somewhat Japanese-style system of teaching, with plenty of drilling and students having to follow the examples and prompts of the teacher. While this teaching system may be quite effective at increasing your proficiency level, it may not bring you the most enjoyable learning experience. Moreover, in some language schools, more priority is given to writing, reading, and listening, with a little conversation practice. These schools are incredible options for you if your objective is to learn Kanji or to pass a Japanese proficiency test.

In other schools, the curriculum may focus on developing one’s communication skills, with plenty of conversation practice at the expense of the other skills. Ultimately, to find the right Japanese language school with the most effective teaching methodology, it is best to think about your learning style and the things you hope to achieve from the class.

2. Pace and Intensity of Learning 

Generally, when it comes to curriculum, Japanese language schools are quite intense and fast-paced. However, there may be a bit of variance. Some schools will blast through content to improve your Japanese proficiency quickly, but they demand plenty of work for it. This means that you should expect lots of homework, preparation and planning, and self-study on a daily basis.

On the other hand, there are also schools that are somewhat more casual. They move at a slower speed and dedicate more time to practising one’s communication skills. They also usually require fewer responsibilities outside of class hours. When choosing a Japanese language school, you need to be honest with yourself! A lot of students like the idea of moving along with their lessons but then become overwhelmed by the amount of work demanded by a fast-paced learning environment.

Meanwhile, there are also students who feel the need to be cautious and go to a school with a slower learning speed, but then become frustrated when exposed to a more casual learning environment. To make sure you learn the Japanese language effectively and efficiently, you need to determine what learning pace and intensity works for you, and find a language school that matches your needs.

3. Availability of Specialised Courses

All Japanese language schools have “general” courses. If your only goal is to learn academic Japanese, then you will likely be fine in almost any school. However, there are some schools that offer special elective courses, which usually become available once a student achieves an intermediate level of Japanese proficiency. These special courses will teach you more than the fundamentals of the Japanese language.

Most of the time, specialised Japanese classes concentrate on things such as helping students enrol in a university in Japan, mastering business Japanese to increase job opportunities, passing the highest levels of Japanese proficiency exams, and even developing the ability to read and talk about Japanese current affairs. After narrowing down your goals for learning Japanese, you should be able to narrow down the schools that offer the relevant special courses for you.


Signing up for a Japanese class or classes is undoubtedly the best way to learn Japanese in Singapore. Not only will you learn the fundamentals and intricacies of the Japanese language, but you will also be able to keep your progress in check when you sign up for a Japanese course.

However, to make sure the course is effective at improving your Japanese proficiency, it is necessary to choose wisely the Japanese language school you will be attending. Specifically, you need to look for a language school with a teaching methodology, learning pace and intensity, and specialised courses that match your needs and preferences.

For the most comprehensive, effective, and fun Japanese class in Singapore, Japanese Explorer is the language school you can rely on! We take pride in having seasoned native Japanese teachers and excellent teaching methods that are specifically tailored to your needs and preferences, so we can make your learning journey easier and more enjoyable. Whatever your goal is for learning Japanese, we can surely help you reach it in no time!

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