3 Situations Where Knowing Japanese Would Be Quite Helpful

3 Situations Where Knowing Japanese Would Be Quite Helpful

Japanese is one of the most challenging but useful languages to learn. There are numerous benefits that come with learning Japanese. For one, since it is quite an interesting and unique language that not a lot of people know how to speak, your proficiency in Japanese can make you stand out from the crowd and open many doors of opportunities for your career or overall life.

If you are wondering whether or not it is a good investment of your time and money to learn Japanese in Singapore, the answer is definitely yes! To further convince you as to why this is so, here are 3 of the most common situations where your knowledge of the Japanese language will surely be an advantage.

1. Studying in Japan 

Japan is well-renowned around the world for its excellent education system. As a matter of fact, Japan is among the top-performing OECD countries when it comes to mathematics, sciences, and reading literacy, with its average student scoring 529 – quite above the 486 OECD average!

Even for postgraduate studies, Japan is a great place to be since many Japanese universities have a world-class reputation for their extensive research and academic excellence. So, if you want to obtain a premium-quality education that will make you a highly competent individual, studying in Japan is recommended. To make sure your stay in Japan as a student is more seamless and enjoyable, consider mastering the Japanese language first by attending Japanese language courses.

2. Applying for a job in an international company 

A lot of big international companies have various branches overseas. If your dream job involves working at large corporations like Coca-Cola or Apple, being proficient in a second language like Japanese can help create more job opportunities for you. As someone who is fluent in your mother tongue, English, and Japanese, you will surely have more career options than someone who only knows one language.

Furthermore, learning Japanese may be more advantageous for you if you want to work internationally due to the language’s distinctiveness. Compared to other foreign languages, such as French and Spanish, there are fewer people who know how to speak Japanese. Hence, there is less competition for job positions with Japanese-speaking applications.

3. Consuming Japanese media

Aside from its high-quality education and numerous business opportunities, Japan is also popular worldwide for generating excellent media, such as anime, manga, J-pop (Japanese popular music). Japanese media has millions of fans around the world. As a matter of fact, some estimates say that over a third of the world’s population watch anime (check out our article on how anime helps with learning Japanese).

If you are one of those millions of fans who cannot get enough of Japanese pop culture, learning Japanese has certainly already crossed your mind. There is indeed a big advantage when you know how to read and speak in Japanese or at least understand the language. For example, knowing Japanese enables you to enjoy your favourite anime, manga, or J-pop songs without needing the assistance of subtitles anymore.


Being fluent in Japanese comes with numerous benefits. There are plenty of career-defining and life-changing situations where your knowledge of the Japanese language will surely give you an edge and lead you to success. Particularly, if you are planning to study in Japan, work at an international company, or simply make Japanese pop culture your stress reliever, learning Japanese through a Japanese class in Singapore is an incredible idea!

For the most effective and enjoyable Japanese course in Singapore, Japanese Explorer is the language school you can trust! We take pride in having native Japanese teachers and great teaching methods specifically tailored to your preferences, so we can make your journey towards learning Japanese a lot easier. Whether you prefer group, private, or online Japanese lessons, we will make sure you have a good learning experience with us.


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