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Reasons Why You Should Learn The Japanese language

Before deciding to take Japanese classes in Singapore, there must be a reason to back it up. You might want to learn Japanese due to the interesting facts that you learned about the language or the interest you built to impress your colleagues. There are so many reasons to learn the language and here are some of the reasons why people choose to study Japanese.

Love for the Japanese culture

There is a rich cultural heritage associated with Japanese that has been preserved till the modern age. Most people learn Japanese because of the people and culture. The culture of Japan is distinctive, mixing modern and traditional practices. Their cultural practices are embedded in people, young and old, from the way they react, communicate and behave. Their behaviours and actions are clearly defined by these traditions and understanding the Japanese language will help to open your eyes to the culture.

Drama influence

Fans can go on and on about the details of their favourite Japanese artist and due to the great admiration that they feel for the artists, they decide to pick up the Japanese language. The same thing is associated with the Korean language. Most people can speak basic Korean as they pick it up from watching Korean movies and series. Some K-pop fans even go to the extent of learning the language just to prepare themselves for a chance to speak with their idols.

The passion for the language

Most linguists derive joy from learning as many languages as possible and Japanese is one of the languages that is fun to learn even though it is difficult to achieve. Even if it is a difficult language to understand, Japanese is still a very attractive foreign language. It is beautiful to see passionate learners of the language take up Japanese classes due to their enthusiastic interest in its phrases and terminologies.

The popularity of Anime and Manga

The ongoing rising popularity of anime and manga has influenced the world in more ways than one. These famous stories have prompted the reasons why people have decided to learn the Japanese language and culture. Most people that learn the language talks about how anime is the basis of their interest in the Japanese language. Such films are known to be very popular overseas and have won multiple awards. This goes to show that more and more people are being exposed to the language and culture, making Japanese a leading influencer in the world.

Career Opportunities

China has overshadowed Japan as the country with the second-largest economy but Japan is still well known for having a strong economy. As Japan’s economy continues to rise alongside China, more opportunities for work would be available. Automation and electronics companies such as Panasonic, Honda and Toyota are well known for their outstanding quality.

Learning Japanese will boost your professional value and when you learn Japanese, you’ll have less competition in opportunities available in different fields. Non-Japanese speakers that reside in the country and work with these companies are encouraged to learn and speak Japanese to improve their chances of being employed by Japanese companies.

Interesting language

Japanese is a very interesting and unique language. What makes it fun and engaging for non-speakers are their many funny words. Imagine students getting a kick out of the word “Tokidoki” because it sounded funny. Whenever you learn a new language, you are also able to learn about the culture and it is one of the most interesting reasons to learn Japanese. The Japanese language sounds very cool and its difficult phrases may make you feel tough.


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