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Propelling Your Career with a Second Language

Learning a second language can have a significant impact on your career. It will give you the needed upper edge that makes you stand out from the crowd.

The reality is that not most people have the same desire to learn a second language because they do not see its relevance in their lives. However, some learn languages because they want to climb up the promotion ladder, while others attend Japanese language schools in Singapore for personal interest in the language. Today we will share ideas on how you can use a second language to take your career further.

Become a Translator

You can either work part-time as a freelance translator or seek employment in hospitality industries that seek such services. Translation depends on these skills

  • Being proficient in the second language
  • Have an academic background or experience in the second language
  • Be skilful as both a writer and translator

Start a Career an Interpreter

The difference between an interpreter and a translator is that the latter is spoken while the former is changing one written language to another. Translation is a bit challenging if you are not a fluent speaker in the languages being used by the speaker, so make your choice carefully! If you do not fancy sitting around and translating things, then you need to work as an interpreter.

Work for Foreign Services

You can apply for a foreign mission job in your country if you can use one of the languages needed there. However, such tasks require high levels of training and preparation so that you do not miss out in the end.

Become a Teacher

Countries that offer a second language to international students have well-paying opportunities. For instance, you are interested in teaching Japanese lessons in Singapore, then there are many openings for that. The advantage of teaching, when you are not a native speaker yourself, is that you are able to relate to your students much better as you were once in their shoes. This will give you an upper hand in teaching students’ aspect of the second language that challenged you when you were learning.

Work on the Customer Service Desk

In Singapore, customer service desks are opening up to employees with second language experience. Most jobs that allow you to speak or interact with people from various backgrounds demand people like you who have mastered another language.

Be a Full-time Language Blogger or Online Content Creator

Some do it for a hobby while others see a second language as an opportunity to communicate with more people. You can choose from many topics and encourage people to share their ideas.

Prepare yourself and be ready to start a learning language that will give you the skills and knowledge that will enhance your life by making you more productive. Try by learning some new languages today. Seek knowledge. Respect the learning environment and integrate it into your life by making it a life-long pursuit that you can use to propel yourself and your career forward.



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