Japanese Language Lessons

Fun and Effective Ways to Learn the Japanese Language

Japanese language lessons in Singapore integrate many fun ways of learning the language. Most language schools insist on learning how to be proficient in spoken or conversational Japanese in the absence of the teacher. Like any other foreign language, the Japanese language will take your time and resources before you can speak it fluently. Some learners decide to drop the language before even completing their first year into the course.

However, incorporating fun and creative ways will make it easy and practical for you. You will always look forward to your next lesson or course. You will require going beyond the classroom set up for you to have fun while studying the language. You will be surprised at how fast and proficient you will be in the language once you complete the course. The article below will give you guidelines on how to achieve this.


YouTube is the best place for you to learn the language by watching the various Japanese videos on it. Here, you are likely to watch and listen to some of the best Japanese tutors. They will take you through the classes you require and without stepping out of your house. You can subscribe to some of the best channels or start with free ones to help you learn the basics.

Japanese Anime

It’s time to bring out the child in you though cartoons. These Japanese animated shows are not meant for children only. You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy learning the Japanese language though Japanese as they present different contexts for you to understand it better. The best part is that you will have crazy fun while at it and will be quite relaxed. Make the learning process fun and interactive by searching for Japanese anime with English subtitles. That way, you will have an easy time following.

Watch Movies

You must be wondering how on earth you will even follow a Japanese movie yet you can’t understand the language, right? You don’t have to do this alone. Hook up with a friend who can help you learn the language and enjoy mind-blowing movies together. Your friend will help you understand the movie so that you are not so lost. Comedy movies are a great starting point for a beginner. As you enjoy the humour in the movie, you will catch a word or two. In no time, you will realise learning Japanese in Singapore is not such a boring activity.


Music is food for the soul. You will enjoy the tunes and beats without necessarily having to understand the words. Before long, you will start relating the words in the song to the language and in no time you will be a pro in the language. You can go a step further and try to translate the song. Your friends or teachers can help you achieve this, or you could consider Google translator.

Making it Practical

With numerous Japanese language games everywhere, all you have to do is to pick any game that fits your level of learning, use the correct audio settings, and teach yourself a second language. You can look for games with Japanese subtitles, which gives you an option of both seeing, and hearing what the games wants you to do.

You can add a mix of both formal and informal Japanese. There is a big difference between formal and informal Japanese languages. Most language learning centres in Singapore will teach you official Japanese language used in business circles. Watching animations, playing games or listen to native speakers, you will get an idea of what formal Japanese is. The best way is to pay attention and note the style used in conversations.

You can take the next step in learning Japanese by attending one of the many Japanese language lessons in Singapore that can give you more advantage over a person playing a game or puzzle. Games are recommended to reinforce lessons by making then one of the fun ways to learn Japanese outside of the classroom.

All in all, everyone adapts to his or her own study methods, but no matter which one works for you, learning a language goes back to writing, reading, speaking, and listening.


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