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Is Age Just A Number When It Comes To Learning A Language?

It has been commonly believed that adults have a hard time picking up a second language. Especially when children are seen to do well across the Japanese courses in Singapore, it’s natural for you to think that learning a language at an older age is more demanding. But age is not solely a factor in language acquisition.

In fact, many other factors play a role in the language-learning process. Even if you fall short on youth, there are other alternatives to boost language proficiency. No matter your age, it’s possible for you to master the Japanese language. If you do need a little nudge or professional help, there’s no shame in asking because learning never stops at an age.

What factors can influence your learning of a language?

It’s not just about whether you’re a natural at languages. There are quite a variety of factors that influence your ability to learn a language. Some possible ones include biological factors, intelligence, emotions, motivation, learning environment and age.

For instance, on the biological aspect, Lenneberg’s critical period hypothesis states that language acquisition is easiest when you fall between two to puberty. While this is scientifically proven, the other factors can work to your advantage instead.

Non-intrinsic factors like cultivating motivation and creating that productive environment are entirely up to you to control. If you’re picking up classes to expand your professional opportunities, then you’ve easily started on the right path to success.

Can you (an adult) pick up native-like proficiency in a new language?

Over the years, linguists and psychologists have wrestled with this question. No one knows precisely how much age affects language acquisition, or what the cutoff age might be. But what is known is that with age, you’ll pick up cognitive maturity and greater knowledge of how language systems work. What that means is that age also offers you advantages in learning something new!

As an adult, you easily spot a language’s patterns – right down to the nitty-gritty rules of grammar and pronunciation. This might work for you because you’ve become sensitive to the different language rules and exceptions. You have just as much, or perhaps even more capacity to pick up a language, as compared to a child.

Picking up a language is one matter, and being fluent or mastering the language is another! But not to worry, with a large pool of native speakers leading the Japanese classes in Singapore, these certified professionals are sure to help you master beyond the language. So surround yourself with quality teachers and equally motivated classmates to listen to and practise speaking Japanese with. Enrolling in a structured class will boost your Japanese learning environment.


Learning a new language has become crucial in this increasingly connected world. And the Japanese language offers many reaps when you are proficient in it: you’re exposed to the rich culture which is highly celebrated, you’ll understand Japan’s influential economic position and of course, a new language always opens new job doors for you!

As such, don’t let the age factor get you from starting on the intricacies of the beautiful Japanese language. At Japanese Explorer, instead of the student’s age, we believe that learning a language is only effective if it fits the student’s learning style. And that’s why besides group classes, we also offer private courses to tailor to your learning. These might be private classes but they also maximise interaction with one-on-one attention!


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