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4 Ways Learning Japanese Can Greatly Catapult Your Career

Perhaps you’ve signed up for a Japanese course for the fun of it, or maybe you’d like to make the most out of the downtime due to the COVID-19 pandemic. You might not be aware of it, but learning the Japanese language and attaining a certain level of proficiency, has far-reaching benefits for your career, where you can put your Japanese skills to practical use in the workplace.

Not only will you have better prospects with numerous Japanese companies, but there’s also a high possibility of you being able to move to Japan. Read on and find out why learning Japanese has the potential to catapult your career.

1. Japanese companies value multilingual staff members

Japanese companies value staff and suppliers who truly understand the Japanese culture and language. Japanese employers love this aspect so much to the point that they often go out of their way to select applicants who are fluent in Japanese over anyone else.

However, there’s a better reason behind this decision, other than the seeming nepotism.

Signing up for a Japanese course and achieving a certain level of proficiency tells people that your mindset stands out and is different from monolingual people. Scientists who examined the concept of Bilingual Executive Advantage found that late bilinguals, in particular, have better working memory as compared to their monolingual or early bilingual partners. This explains why Japanese employers favour applicants who can speak the language, so learning Japanese can work to your advantage.

2. More Japanese companies relocating to Singapore

In line with the point above, there’s also a more significant presence of Japanese companies in Singapore as more companies are continuously settling bases here. Japan is among the five leading foreign direct investors in Singapore and has investments which exceeded US$90 million at the end of 2016.

This implies that there’s a significant presence of Japanese corporations in Singapore, and this figure is continuously rising. If you are a finance manager, an expert in supplies, or any other professional, signing up for a course to learn Japanese in Singapore gives you an edge over other executives.

3. Greater income-earning opportunities – Japanese translator

Having superior cognitive abilities and gaining favour from top investors in the economy is definitely a recipe for career success. However, the career benefits of learning Japanese doesn’t just stop there. You have the option of trying your hand in an enterprise.

You can consider working as a freelance Japanese translator, and in order to do so, you will have to attain a certain level of proficiency and receive certification. Therefore, it’s pivotal to choose a Japanese course wisely to ensure they’re efficient and that you’re in the right hands. Once you’ve acquired the official accreditation for translator-level proficiency in Japanese, you can potentially earn over US$30,000 annually as a Japanese translator in Singapore.

4. Working in Japan is a real possibility

The best part about learning Japanese is how you have a higher chance of landing yourself a job in Japan and relocating there. The competition for jobs in Singapore is stiff and cut-throat, but this situation in Japan is the total opposite.

According to an article by the Financial Times, the low population demographics and a steadily growing economy resulted in a labour shortage in Japan. It was found that there are three open jobs for every job seeker! That serves as additional motivation for those who are keen to learn Japanese.

With our aid, you’ll be able to speak Japanese fluently in no time which, in turn, offers numerous benefits, especially when it comes to your career. Get started with us and sign up for Japanese classes in Singapore today!


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