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Basic Tips To Learn Japanese Within A Short Period

Learning Japanese can be a rewarding experience. However, it only becomes interesting when you begin to make progress and achieve some proficiency. Japanese is a highly valid and accessible language, both in Asia and across many countries.

Although many people consider the Japanese language a challenging language to learn, it is achievable. For Singaporeans, taking up a Japanese class in Singapore will allow you to gain the essential tips and enable you to achieve a level of fluency within a short period.

Define your learning goals

Mastering the Japanese language isn’t a piece of cake. Before you decide to learn, you must clarify your purposes for learning. This would help you determine how much proficiency you require. Some people need a lot more speaking proficiency than others. On the other hand, some learners need to master written forms as well.

Build your Japanese vocabulary

One essential tip is to build your Japanese vocabulary early. This is necessary, even as a beginner. That is, you must know the translation of specific basic terms and expressions, to find your way around a Japanese community. So, in learning the language, you must stock up on everyday words that you need. Phrases such as ‘Good morning’, ‘Good day’, ‘thank you’, ‘how much?’, ‘restroom’ etc.

Get several quality learning materials 

Even if you are taking a formal course, you must go the extra mile in your learning. Several materials are available both online and in bookstores to help you. However, it is crucial that you opt for quality ones, especially ones that are recommended by a tutor.

Japanese grammar handbooks that help in translations, phonetic pronunciations and corrections, as well as dictionaries and encyclopaedias, should be studied diligently.

It is often advisable to study them at your own pace and without pressure while practising with a friendly Japanese speaker. This would ease the stress and likely difficulties that might come with learning a new language.

Enjoy the process by watching and listening to Japanese movies and songs

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a language into your mind is by always having it in your consciousness. Watching Japanese movies and listening to Japanese songs can help you trace the words to their English meanings. This allows you to get familiar with the words. Many expressions would surface frequently, and you can easily pick up a lot of things by just that.

You can sing along with the songs and learn lyrics. Having karaoke skills as a foreigner is a skill that is really admired by the native Japanese people. However, this fun tactic does not substitute for the actual formal learning process. Taking up a Japanese course in Singapore is a real advantage where you get everything you need in a learning package. Unconventional tactics would only serve to ease and speed up your fluency in Japanese. 


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