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Appreciating Japanese Culture By Learning The Language

With a legacy spanning thousands of years, it is not hard to imagine the sheer extent of art, culture and history that Japan civilization embodies. From calligraphy to origami to the more modern manga, Japan clearly has it all and more. Amid all this, there is no doubt that appreciating Japanese art and literature will become a lot easier if you are familiar with the Japanese language.


Ancient paintings have formed an integral part of Japanese culture. Whether it is the E-maki and Genji narrative handscrolls or drawings from the Muromachi period, there are a number of painting styles dominating the Japanese art landscape. Does one need linguistic proficiency to appreciate art in painting form?

The answer is no but, in order to understand the background behind a lot of this artwork, being familiar with the Japanese language will help a lot. By being proficient in Japanese, you can really gauge the stories behind those paintings. For starters, you could take up Japanese courses in Singapore to bring you up to speed on the Japanese language.


Japan has really held its own when it comes to ceramics and pottery. In fact, if you look at ancient Japanese art dating back from the Jōmon period, you will find intricate vases and figurines that form an integral part of the legacy which they have left behind. This legacy lives on till today in Japanese culture and society as their ceramics, pottery, and porcelain are very well recognized and appreciated all over the world. If you want to appreciate a lot of the background behind these ceramics and pottery, being comfortable with the Japanese language will prove to be useful.


Japanese calligraphy has an equally long legacy with historical parchments found in temples, museums, and various other places all over Japan and beyond. Now, this is a realm of art which has a particularly direct linguistic aspect attached to it since these parchments, scrolls and other pieces of calligraphy all contain text in the Japanese language. Without knowing the language, it would be very difficult to appreciate these unique pieces of art.


Manga is a more modern form of Japanese art, amply depicted in various cartoons, comics and graphic novels. Taking off from Japan, the manga is now a really big deal outside of the country. They are especially popular in markets like France, Europe as well as the Middle East. As with calligraphy, manga has a far more profound and direct connection with the Japanese language since it is commonly published in it. Yet again, this shows that familiarity with the Japanese language is greatly beneficial. Consider learning Japanese if you are keen on appreciating Manga a whole lot better.


Across various Japanese art and literature forms, being well versed in Japanese really allows for better appreciation. Apart from just visually appreciating the artworks and history, understanding the language will give you more profound comprehension of the elements. There will be an in-depth understand and recognition of where it came from and its meaning. This will, in turn, allow you to develop a strong connection with the Japanese culture. If you are interested to experience this, signing up for Japanese courses in Singapore would be the ideal thing to do.


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