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Why is Japanese Anime Such a Global Hit?

The word animation in the Japanese language is anime, although the outside world refers the word anime as animation originating from Japan. Animated graphics had at least existed since the dawn of man, as early as the Palaeolithic period back when the drawings and paintings were done on walls.

The Japanese animations have been viewed across the globe since the early 19th century, growing wider as the viewers increase. Other than the young, this industry also increasingly entertains a handful of adults.

Animations produced in Japan account for at least 60% of all the animation broadcasted in the whole world today. Their animations are characterised by colourful graphics and natural themes, which make them very special and appealing to the human eye.  You do not have to be a child for you to watch and enjoy them. Different people watch them for various reasons such as entertainment, life lessons or even to learn the Japanese language. Your japanese course in singapore will be more fun if you incorporate some bit of anime. Here are some of the reasons as to why they are at the top:

The Guinness world record
Japan has aired many animations in the television industry, some of them started as short series. In connection to that, they have received the “Sazae-san”, the award for airing the longest anime series since 1969. This anime series has aired over 7000 episodes. They also received the “Anpanman” award, for having aired the highest number of characters. This is cultivated by the high number of films produced over the years.

High-tech animation
The methods and techniques used in producing animations have over the years developed. Generally due to the advancement of technology. Production of animation mostly focuses on the movement, however, in Japan the focus is less on the movement and emphasise on the camera effects, the angle of shooting, zooming and more on the realism of the anime. They further introduce diverse art styles in creating unique and realistic looking characters with varied features.

Large anime industry
Japan has over 430 anime producing studios. This makes it a global market for film producers. Due to this factor, they not only flood their domestic market with wonderful animations but also export DVD sales to the global markets. This international success has led to the rise of international televised animations, bearing the same Japanese art style hence encouraging studying of Japanese lesson in Singapore for people who would be interested in learning how to develop these films.

Japanese animations have a way of portraying realism. They portray not only their culture but also the modern lifestyle. They are less fictional, unlike the other types of animations produced in other countries; theirs depict real-life situations. This attribute has increased their audiences by far because some people do not watch for entertainment only. They watch for life lessons.

Complex plots
Animations from Japan have lengthy plots with high complexity. This helps the characters develop interesting traits over time, making the story more enjoyable and distinctive. Characters from the anime have rather many developed traits, thereby creating a unique personality. They further increase the number of main characters, which makes the storyline rich with fascinating characters.

The creators of these animations develop intriguing stories. Consequently, they end up creating fascinating animations that hit the global market. This level of creativity is incredible. The developers work around the clock to deliver high quality and creative content that keep people glued to their screens. After attending your gruelling Japanese lesson Singapore, unwind watching one. You will feel relaxed and ready for your Japanese course in Singapore exams.

Most of the Japanese anime expresses intense emotions very well. This makes them unique and attracts many people into watching them thereby making them unique. They further attract adults into watching them, since some of the storylines have a lesson for both the young and the old.

Very interesting
Animations generally are quite interesting. Although the Japanese anime capture a whole wide audience, they use an interesting twist to capture the plot, no matter the setting. During your Skillsfuture Japanese language lessons, your lecturer may use them to help you understand complex language structure. You will get the concept without feeling too mentally fatigued.

They are fun
Most people watch animations to release stress through laughter. Japanese animation has quite fascinating plots, which bring in a lot of laughter and joy. This has made them the choice of many people across the globe since they have no age limits. After your Japanese language class in Singapore, sit down and watch one. You will relieve the stress that comes with studies.

Japan has become the leading producer of animations in the world market. Taking an interest in this niche will open your understanding of the Japanese culture and even learn some of the complex phrases through them. So get one and enjoy a thrilling experience watching them.


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