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Appreciate Japanese Popular Culture By Mastering Japanese

From the time when “Japanese popular culture” was more of “Japanese culture” only since it was mostly confined to Japan, it has taken on global paths today. Japanese music, movies, video games, television programs, and many others are eagerly lapped up by people from all over the world.

Today, notwithstanding its global outreach and popularity, much of Japanese popular culture is in the Japanese language. This means that people who do not know the Japanese language are not really in a position to appreciate Japanese popular culture to its fullest.

This is the reason why, as a Singaporean, it is highly recommended that you sign up for Japanese courses in Singapore so that you can understand Japanese popular culture content accurately.

Japanese Cinema

Many Japanese films and filmmakers have assumed cult status over the years. Be it Shin Godzilla or Gamera; they are easily recognized from all over the world. Likewise, if we look at the status of filmmakers like Akira Kurosawa or Kon Ichikawa, they are icons in this area.

Over the years, Japanese filmmakers have produced classic masterpieces. Real appreciation of these films is much easier when you learn the Japanese language, simply reading off the subtitles is not as impactful and may fail to convey the right meaning accurately.


Essentially, the characteristics of animation, which is peculiar to Japan, has led to anime becoming a craze worldwide today. Moreover, due to its distinctive features and styles, anime has always been easily recognized, with anime characters having their stylized depictions that are simply unmistakable.

Osamu Tezuka was the man who managed to take Japanese animation, anime, to new heights. Now, while a lot of anime are visual, many textual elements in Japanese are best appreciated when you know the language.


Manga is the representative of comic books. Like anime which is distinctively Japanese, manga is, as well. In addition, just like anime, manga has become immensely popular internationally.

Manga is especially relevant to people inquisitive about Japan since it delves with Japanese history and culture. This, in turn, has an interesting background whereby early forms of manga have been seen in various Japanese art forms, for centuries now. Therefore, the manga we enjoy today is in many ways, an evolution of the manga we have seen since ancient times.

Again, as with other Japanese popular culture, most manga is in the Japanese language. Thus, you will appreciate it the best when you master the language. To get started, you can easily begin by enrolling yourself in a Japanese course in Singapore.


Japanese popular culture is immensely rich and vibrant, with diverse shades and forms. To understand and appreciate it to the fullest, we always recommend taking up a Japanese course in Singapore.


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