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Why You Should Use Your Skillsfuture Credit to Learn a New Language

It’s never too late to enrol in that extra course. Besides, you will get to pick up a skill that will undoubtedly come in handy somewhere along the line in your career path. And if that extra skill you are looking to pick up is a new language, such as Japanese, then you will certainly have greater opportunities, be able to open your mind to challenging tasks and rank highly among your peers. 

You might think that learning a new language will take up too much of your time and money. However, the unfortunate truth is that we will never have enough time. So, the important thing is to set our priorities straight and dedicate our precious time to activities that value-add to our lives. And once you do away with the time-consuming activities in your life such as spending too much time online or engaging in unmeaningful conversations, you will definitely have time for language classes!

SkillsFuture is your ideal partner when you are ready to enrol in a language course. Read on to discover 4 reasons why you should use your SkillsFuture credit to learn a new language.

Numerous language options

For all the monolingual Singaporeans out there, your inability to speak multiple languages is by choice. This is because you have all the reasons and resources at your disposal to venture out and pick up a second language!

The SkillsFuture credit allows Singaporeans from the age of 25 to take up life improving skills. Learning a new language is among the numerous courses one can undertake under this programme. You can choose from the various language options, with one of such languages being Japanese. 

So, what are you waiting for? Identify an accredited institution that offers SkillsFuture Japanese lessons. With a Japanese language class, you will be able to improve your skills and achieve fluency in the language.


The SkillsFuture credit programme was introduced by the Singaporean government in 2015 to assist individuals over the age of 25 in developing new, self-improving skills. You will start with a $500 credit and receive frequent top-ups after that. 

What more could you possibly want, especially if you want to make your life better? Using your SkillsFuture credit for a Japanese language class is an affordable way to reach your multilingual objectives. If you have been putting off enrolling in Japanese lessons, this is your sign to take advantage of the SkillsFuture programme and begin learning the language with a SkillsFuture Japanese language course.

It’s recognised by employers

You must have come across numerous reports of people who attended a learning institution only to learn their papers are not valid. This is certainly a frustrating and costly situation to be in that will leave you feeling helpless. 

The unfortunate part is that victims usually are unaware that such an institution lacks the necessary human resources and technical capabilities to provide the training. You might not have thought about it, but you too could become a victim. 

Even if you might not have the tools to look into a certain organisation, you can still reduce the likelihood that you’ll become a victim of a scam like this. Every institution that utilises the SkillsFuture programme is legitimate as they have met all the prerequisite requirements to offer their services. 

Therefore, enrol for your SkillsFuture Japanese language classes with such institutions and enjoy a peace of mind. You will be able to confidently present your papers acquired from these SkillsFuture Japanese language courses to a potential employer and negotiate your salary!

You will improve your career

A dull, undifferentiated resume lacks competition and may portray a lethargic and unmotivated person. These days, it is insufficient that you finished your A levels and went on to earn a degree in whichever field you choose. This is because several other job applicants have comparable or superior qualifications. What, then, will make you unique and strengthen your competitive edge? Well, just one more language will do! It could be one of several languages that are internationally recognised, such as French, Chinese or Japanese.

When recruiting, employers face a hard task of deciding on the best candidate for the job. Stand out from the crowd and make it easy for employers to separate you from the shaft by enrolling in a SkillsFuture Japanese language lesson.


When you have an opportunity to acquire a skill funded by your government, take advantage of it while it lasts. SkillsFuture credit is an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills and become bilingual. The best part is that you will get top-ups for the credit and it has no expiry date!

Check out Japanese Explorer’s range of SkillsFuture Japanese language courses and pick up a new skill today!



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