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Why Studying Japanese Has Become Extremely Relevant Today

The Japanese language is spoken by 128 million people around the globe. While it might be a hassle trying to pick up the language, it’s one of the most popular foreign languages, especially since it shares certain similarities with other renowned foreign languages like Korean and Mandarin-Chinese. In most cases, those who have taken up Japanese classes have an upcoming trip to Japan and are enthusiastic about learning new phrases. This is exceptionally vital when the purpose of the trip is to find a job there or simply to reside there. Read on to find out why it comes as no surprise that learning Japanese in Singapore has become increasingly relevant.

1. Japan is one of the leading economies

Japan has always been the second leading economy in the world until it was recently surpassed by China. Nonetheless, the economic force that Japan wields as the third-largest economy in the world is formidable. If you have owned cars or electronics, the chances of you using a Japanese product is extremely high.

Japan’s electronic and automotive companies that are known globally for their excellence and top-notch quality include Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, Honda, and Mitsubishi. Since these are global companies, non-native employees who work in these companies are also encouraged to learn Japanese. On top of that, it’s also been proven that learning Japanese gives you more career prospects in these companies.

2. The rising popularity of anime

Japan is contributing significantly to the entertainment industry on a global scale. Many people love Japanese anime and manga, and these are creations by the Japanese entertainment industry. Anime is so popular to the point where it inspired people to read Japanese books and learn the language.

What’s more fascinating is that anime lovers prefer watching anime in the Japanese language and not in a translated version. Clearly, the popularity of Japanese shows is undeniably impressive. For instance, Hayao Miyazaki films such as ‘Spirited Away’, have won the American Academy Award. Therefore, if you’re a huge fan of anime, studying the Japanese language will certainly be relevant and beneficial to you, where it’ll help you understand more about anime as a whole.

3. Japan has a favourable foreign policy

The Japanese population in Singapore has been growing steadily, but more rapidly since the 1970s. In the 1970s, Japanese businesses shifted manufacturing activities out of the country into Southeast Asia to take full advantage of the growing population, as the popularity of Japanese companies reached a global scale.

This free market in Japan made it easier for people to move freely into and out of Japan in search of a job, education and even for residential purposes. Singapore is a rapidly growing economy and serves as a crucial potential hub for Japanese companies. Thus, learning Japanese in Singapore is a necessity if you wish to remain competitive in your speciality.

Undoubtedly, there’s a myriad of benefits and opportunities when you pick up the Japanese language, making it extremely relevant in this day and age. Sign up for our Japanese course in Singapore, where you’ll be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to pick up the language, taught by experienced native teachers!


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