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Top Asian Languages To Learn – Why Choose Japanese?

Asian languages have been getting a lot of interest from individuals who desire to be multilingual. There are several interesting Asian languages, such as Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi, and many others. Amongst these, Japanese is quite an exciting language to learn.

Although not as popular as Mandarin or Chinese, the Japanese language is equally very valid in today’s world. Many of the Chinese language forms have been borrowed into the Japanese language today. If you stay in an Asian country such as Singapore, the Japanese language could be a vital one to have in your repertoire. And in fact, a lot of Japanese classes in Singapore are accessible to anybody interested. Many people in Singapore learn Japanese for different reasons.

Why do people learn Japanese?

Although the Japanese language can be one of the most challenging and intimidating Asian languages to learn, the effort is always worth it. Particularly for those in the technology industry, Japanese comes as a vital language in Asia. Also, many anime lovers or researchers often find it desirable to learn Japanese. In most cases, it is crucial to be proficient in the written form, which takes a lot of formal effort to learn.

To master the written form, a learner has to learn the three types of characters, hiragana, katakana, and kanji. In order to learn all the sounds and syllables in the Japanese language, hiragana and katakana must be mastered. Kanji, on the other hand, represents whole words that are mostly borrowed from the Chinese language.

Japanese is usually learnt for purposeful reasons

Learning Japanese is a challenge that is worth taking only for those who can be committed to learning it. Many people who start ill-prepared soon quit learning because it is quite demanding. However, a lot of doors are opened to an individual who gets to attain fluency.

People who have to go to Japan for international relations or business find it necessary to know a bit of the language. Knowing that Japan has a vast economic, technological and media impact in the world today, having some skill in the language gives you an edge.

In addition, Japanese is one of the Asian languages, which has a lot of vibrant and accessible learning materials for any learner. Both online and offline, any novice can get access to a lot about the Japanese language quickly. You can also take a Japanese class in Singapore to learn the language efficiently.

Therefore, it is essential to define your purpose of learning an Asian language. In some cases, your usage would require more of the written form. In such a situation, the Japanese language would be a great choice, because the written form of Japanese is more commonly in use. It is thus easier to learn the written form of Japanese than its spoken form.

It is seen that the Japanese language is the right choice of an Asian language to learn. It is also a purposefully-learnt language that requires commitment. If you have opted for it, it is always advisable to learn it with a formal from a specialized tutor.


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