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How To Supplement And Boost Your Language Learning Journey

Most Japanese classes would already provide you with the relevant resources to aid in your learning journey. But sometimes, if you wish to do extra practice or have that additional time to spare during weekends, head to the library!

With the convenience of the internet nowadays, you can get your hands on e-books and so much information on websites online, that most people don’t find a need to go to the library anymore. However, libraries are not just about the books they house – it is about the experience of being surrounded by a wealth of resource that you can browse freely, and the other value-added services they provide!

We think that libraries still have a relevance today, especially if you are trying to supplement your Japanese class lessons and aid in your learning. Here are some ways you can up your language learning game with the help of libraries:

Borrow books for free

This is one of the primary advantages of libraries. You might not think much of it in a day where you can easily buy an e-book for a couple of dollars and read it on your tablet or phone. However, if you are a language learner, it will mean you need to read quite extensively to practice the language.

Buying new books every time will amount to quite a lot of money, so borrowing them from a library is your next best choice! One limitation of this, though, is whether libraries in Singapore have books in the language that you’re learning. If you are learning Japanese, you can head down to the Japanese Association’s library for a sizeable selection of Japanese books, including fiction, references, children’s books, and comics.

Quiet study area

Libraries are one place where you can experience what people like to refer to as ‘pin-drop silence’. If you’re the kind who needs a quiet environment to read, study, and learn, libraries are a godsend!

You’ll find that many students love to use library facilities as well to do their studies. So, if you’re heading to a popular library during peak periods, be prepared to have to hunt for a seat or table. Aside from that minor inconvenience, libraries are one of the best places to get some quiet reading or studying done, without distractions.

Meet like-minded folks

In Singapore where majority of the people are reading English books, being at the Japanese library or foreign language aisle of your public library will mean you’re in the minority. So, when you meet another person looking at Japanese books as well, that’s a rare connection you shouldn’t ignore.

They may be fellow learners of the Japanese language, or even be native Japanese speakers. Just by striking up a simple conversation with them, you might be able to get some advice on learning the language, or where to find the best learning resources.


Attending a Japanese class in Singapore will offer a fulfilling journey to sharpen your language skills. You can get the extra practise on your own by visiting libraries to help in your language learning experience. Don’t overlook this facility that’s readily available to you, and use it to your advantage to get closer to the level of language fluency you desire!


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