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How Netflix Can Help You Learn Japanese

Japanese Pop Culture has long been in the entertainment industry and learning japanese in singapore is not a new idea anymore since the rise of JPOP, Japanese Dramas, and variety shows. One way to learn Japanese so you can understand your favourite tv show is to enrol in a good Japanese language school in Singapore.

Apart from enrolling yourself in Japanese lessons in Singapore, taking advantage of what you already have is a great way to expand your knowledge. Television and cinemas are great places to pick up a few bits of knowledge, especially if you want to observe the tone, pronunciation, and facial expressions of native Japanese speakers.

As a beginner, binge-watching your favourite Japanese shows is beneficial. You can enjoy your favourite show, while at the same time learn the language. Utilise these shows as a way of learning and entertainment and you will surely master the art of learning the Japanese language in no time!

Never, ever consider your time for watching Japanese as “study time”. Instead, simply enjoy watching these shows. Do not count them as one of your study materials but rather a way to explore and get yourself immersed into Japanese language and culture.

Listen Actively
The more you are immersed, focused, and invested in what you are watching, the more your attention is focused on the show. Since you are concentrating, you are more likely to remember what you see and hear. Pay close attention to every word being said, including their tones, expressions and pronunciation.

Use Subtitles
To understand the nuanced meanings of certain Japanese words, the best way for you to figure it out is through the use of subtitles. Subtitles are helpful if you want to learn the English-Japanese meanings of words and how you can use such words in conversations and sentences. However, if you are learning how to read and write in Japanese, turning on the subtitle will give you insight into its detailed meanings.

Just Absorb It
Whatever Japanese flick you are watching, it is much better to just absorb it than be nervous about ensuring if you are getting enough detail or information. Listen attentively and simply absorb everything. You may try repeating what they are saying as a way to practice your speech and vocabulary.

Watching content with authentic Japanese language exposes you to the real world of native speakers and local contexts. Hearing them spoken casually by locals, as they do in shows like Terrace House, helps your adaptation to learning the language and eventually getting the hang of it. Watching Japanese tv shows also tricks your brain into learning and without you knowing, you’ll get more used to speaking it and writing every character may eventually feel natural!


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