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Five Fun Reasons Behind Why You Should Learn Japanese

Anyone who’s taken Japanese lessons in Singapore will tell you that Japanese is not an easy language to learn.

However, even if it’s widely regarded as one of the most challenging languages in the world, the Japanese language remains very popular. In fact, more and more people are starting to learn Japanese these days.

Below, we have outlined five fun and exciting reasons why you should take up  Japanese lessons in Singapore and why Japanese is worth learning.

1. It’s more fun travelling to Japan if you know Japanese

Bigger cities in Japan have begun to make sure that they’re more accessible to the rest of the world by putting up English translations of their signage and so on. However, they’re not exactly the only must-visit places in Japan.

There are far more places in Japan that you should visit, especially in rural areas not as widely known as tourist spots yet still worth visiting.

If you know Japanese, it’ll be a lot easier for you to talk to the locals and ask for information. Better yet, you’ll be able to visit less touristy and crowded areas.

2. Manga and Anime

Only popular manga and anime often get translated or even dubbed to English. However, even the best translations can’t carry over the exact same emotions a show or page in its natural and raw form.

If you can understand Japanese, manga and anime become a lot more fun to read or watch. Also, because you know Japanese, you won’t have to wait for people to release subtitles or translations of the anime or manga you’re following.

Get a head start and read or watch it as soon as the next chapter or episode is out, even if it’s still in Japanese!

3. J-pop and Japanese TV

Japanese media is interesting, to say the least.

Their songs are catchy and meaningful, while their shows are fun to watch and their dramas top notch.

If you know Japanese, you’ll have access to a broader range of Japanese media and be able to watch or listen more. You’ll also be able to appreciate them better because you understand the context of the song, the jokes, and so much more.

4. Learning Japanese is easier than ever

You can self-learn Japanese these days with the vast amount of resources available online. Moreover, once you find yourself struggling, there are plenty of Japanese online lessons available, as well as Japanese classes in Singapore, to help you out.

Learning Japanese may still be difficult, but it’s far easier these days, especially if you want to learn Japanese right from the comfort of your home.

5. Dating

If you’re single and you’re looking to date, learning Japanese broadens your search widely. Connect with others easily by learning their language and at the same time, open up your mind to learning their culture.

Adding onto the common reasons of why you should try and learn Japanese, these five fun ideas should motivate you even more.

Work on your Japanese and aim to be more fluent with these new motivational ideas pushing you forward!


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