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5 Essential Facts That You May Not Know About Japanese

Despite being one of the most industrious nations in the world, Japan has mostly been seen as an isolated country for a while now. This goes without saying that Japan has one of the most vibrant cultures in the world. The country itself is covered with a lot of islands, which comes together to make its landmass. Tokyo, its capital, is one of the most populated cities in the world with an estimate of about 38 million people.

Due to the level of technology in Japan, the country has more vending machines than convenient stores, and many Japanese also own lots of pets. Japan can be referred to as the safest country in the whole of Asia, with very little record of homicide, unlike other countries in Asia and the rest of America.

In addition, with all the facts known about Japan, we can deduce that Japanese is one language we could refer to as Gold. Learning Japanese can prove to be more of a profit than a loss and the language can open doors to opportunities which are not known to a lot of people. Now that we have some understanding of the language, here are a few key facts that you may not have known.

It Is Known As The Official Language Of Japan

Every country has its official language, such as English in America and many other countries as well. For Japan, Japanese is its official language, but it doesn’t mean that it is spoken only in Japan. Japanese is also spoken in other countries of the world. As it is the official language in Japan, it means that Japanese is the primary language they speak.

It Is One Of The Fastest Spoken Language

Japanese is spoken at the rate of up to 8 syllables per seconds. Native speakers of other languages have proven this. English, for example, goes at the rate of 6 syllables per seconds. Now that we know about the speed of the language, it makes it interesting and fun to interact with others. Playing games like fun trivia can certainly help you to increase your vocabulary in the language.

Japanese Is Not Related To Any Other Language

Other Asian languages have relations with Chinese in both culture and history, but Japanese has no connection with any language, whether it is major or minor. The language has always been a language isolated just like the country itself has been.

No Verb Conjugation

There are languages which have a lot of verb conjugation, such as the Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, and many more. These conjugations make the language much more difficult to understand as it changes depending on the person, tense, mood or number. When it comes to Japanese, there are no verb conjugations. Once you have learnt all of the verbs, it becomes less complicated. No need struggle to memorize lots of verb derivatives, all you need to do is focus on the complexities of the language.

It Is One Of The Most Spoken Languages In The World

Millions of people speak Japanese, but a majority of its speakers live in Japan. With the growing demand for languages, especially in a developed world, Japanese has experienced an increase in the interest of people looking to learn the language.

With the demand of Japanese in and outside of the country, Japanese classes in Singapore is now available for people interested in picking up the foundations of the Japanese language.


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