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How Learning A New Language Boosts Your Career Prospects

Studies have shown that being multilingual reduces your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease once you’re older. Also, culturally and socially, learning a new language opens up an entirely new world for you that you never knew existed prior.

But, what about your career? Can your career benefit from being able to speak more than one language fluently? Does it make you a more attractive prospect for companies?

That’s a yes on all accounts!

Here’s how learning a new language can boost your career prospects:

1. More Opportunities

In this day and age, being multilingual is an essential skill to have. Even at work, being multilingual puts you at a significant advantage as globalisation starts to affect every aspect of the working world.

Regardless of which field or industry that you are in, there’s sure to be a demand for people who can speak multiple languages, especially in higher positions. Also, if your career doesn’t pan out, being fluent in multiple languages opens you up to other opportunities in other industries, like working as an interpreter or translated, which can lead to lucrative careers if pursued.

2. Better Hiring Prospects

A lot of businesses are unable to expand abroad because of the language barrier. You could be the one employee that helps solve a company’s language and communication issue by presenting yourself as a fluent speaker of a particular language. Additionally, if you’re looking to work in a foreign country, knowing how to speak their language is an essential skill to learn that can help you transition into their corporate culture seamlessly.

3. You Become a More Well-Rounded Employee

When you learn a language, you don’t just learn their words and letters. You also pick up on their culture and mannerism. You learn about what is offensive to them, why it is offensive, and how you can avoid offending other people.

This makes you a more well-rounded employee because you have an open mind.

This skill alone is valued by a lot of employers and as cultural sensitivity plays a big role in how companies operate in modern times, being a culturally-sensitive individually can help you rise above the pack and make you a better employee.

4. Faster Progression Up Your Career Ladder

In the corporate world, there are many candidates aside from you that are qualified to move up and get a promotion. At any given moment, there could be a handful or dozens of you who are vying for the same spot.

Sometimes, what separates one individual from the others isn’t just their body of work or tenure, but also their knowledge of foreign languages. This is especially true for companies with branches overseas, or who have plans on expanding to a particular country.

The ability to speak another language makes it easier for you to adapt and learn about another culture, even if they are a different race. This makes you more likely to receive a promotion, or at least, a pay raise.

Put simply, the more languages you can speak fluently, the better your career prospects will be for it.

If you have ever thought of passing up on that Japanese language class in Singapore, then these reasons should convince you why that’s not a good idea.

If you’re an employee looking to further his or her career, or a student who’s just looking to open yourself up to more opportunities, learning a new language like Japanese through Japanese languages in Singapore, is one of the best ways to ensure a better and brighter future.


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