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4 Reasons Why Learning Japanese Is Advantageous On Your Part

After the United States and China, Japan has the third-largest economy in the world. But apart from their economy, Japanese is also the ninth most spoken language in the world with over a hundred million people speaking it daily.

As such, it’s becoming more popular for many to learn Japanese in Singapore, to enjoy some benefits that come with Japanese language proficiency. If you want to learn more about the different advantages of learning Japanese, read on to find out.

Learning Japanese helps you understand the culture better

One of the most popular cultural norms that Japan and its nationals are known for is their commitment to always be on time – even their trains arrive as scheduled. In the case of a delay, even just for a few minutes, Japanese people make it a point to apologise.

Thus, if you learn their language, you can also learn and appreciate the Japanese culture: heritage, various customs, norms, and so much more. These are a couple of things about Japanese culture that you might not be exposed to, if you simply consumed Japanese media without an academic lens.

Proficiency in Japanese helps you land more job opportunities

Year after year, economies all around the world become more globalised – including the Japanese economy. That’s why if you are well-versed in the Japanese tongue, you are more equipped with a competitive edge, qualified for job opportunities and business options in the international market. And if you are looking into getting employed in the Land of the Rising Sun, knowing how to speak their language would make things a lot easier than scouring the country for an English-based company.

Knowing Japanese could help you get admitted to international schools

When you want nothing but the best academic attainment, you can count on Japanese schools for having a high learning standard across all levels. If you’re looking to study in a Japanese high school or university, knowing how to read and speak Japanese increases your likelihood of getting admission to one of their local schools.

Mastering the language helps you consume Japanese media better

The Japanese media industry has been well-known globally, and this is proven by the number of people who grew up watching animes such as Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, to name a few. While translations and dubbed versions in your native language might be available, these additions still fail to capture the entire message since not everything has a direct translation.

But, if you are proficient in Japanese, you won’t need to rely solely on dubbed versions or translations. You can even use this opportunity to further hone your Japanese listening and comprehension skills.


Learning a new language, Japanese to be specific, opens you to a set of advantages and opportunities. For instance, in the language learning process, you can get a better grasp of the Japanese culture, be exposed to more employment options, hold a higher chance of getting into one of Japan’s best academic institutions, and aid in your understanding of Japanese media better.

If you’ve been inspired to take up the challenge and are looking into enlisting yourself in one of the best Japanese lessons in Singapore, look no further than Japanese Explorer. We offer different courses for adults, children and even for corporate training. Whether in-person or online classes, let Japanese Explorer journey with you on the road to Japanese proficiency today!


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