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4 Helpful Tips To Note When Learning The Japanese Alphabets

Anyone who seeks to learn a new language must start from the basics. The Japanese language, which is widely spoken in Asia has its roots from the English language and got its alphabet pattern from the Chinese. Those who are fluent in Chinese have a very big chance and opportunity to learn Japanese freely without as many hiccups as the ones who are learning the language from scratch.

It is important to note that Japanese native speakers are the instructors and teachers that will help you to understand the language through the journey of learning Japanese as a beginner. They do try to make the language more interesting to learn for everyone. Signing up for Japanese classes in Singapore will help you to easily pick up the language if you are a beginner. These classes will take you step-by-step to ensure effective learning of the Japanese language so you need not be afraid.

Since it’s a new language, you will need to start from the basics which require you to learn the Japanese alphabet and getting familiar with it. You can always take note of the alphabet and practice more on your own for mastery purposes.

1. Get familiar with the alphabet

To be an expert in the Japanese alphabet, you will need to get familiar with the common alphabets. Unlike English, Japanese has two alphabets which are commonly known as Hiragana and Katakana. These two alphabets have their various uses. The former is used to write articles and grammar while the latter is used to write borrowed words. Just like other languages, Japanese has its own vowels and consonants. The vowels are 5 while the others are 16, including the ch sound. It is important that you do not get these alphabets mixed up and you are to use them appropriately.

2. Watch videos

Watching videos that help in the learning of Japanese have proved to be helpful over the years. There are various videos for beginners and children that are learning to speak Japanese. All these audiovisuals will enlighten you more in knowing the way the alphabet looks. This will enhance your knowledge more when it comes to alphabets.

3. Listen to Podcast

This is a commonly used pattern or method of learning the Japanese alphabets. Listening to podcasts will help you in the pronunciation of the letters. You can listen to the podcast anytime even at your own leisure and convenience. You can also listen to it while doing things that don’t require much mental effort. You should make it a habit to listen to each of the alphabets as this will help you in becoming an expert.

4. Practice Often

One key thing in learning a new language is practice. Someone who attends lessons but doesn’t practice after studies will not know as much as a person who practices. The fact that you attend a Japanese class doesn’t mean you are automatically a master of it. Without practice, you will eventually forget what you learn. Constant practice will make you familiar with the alphabet. You could even go ahead of the class by using the alphabets to form words so that when others get there it will be a lot easier for you.

Finally, take your time to learn the language. There is no need to be in such a hurry to master the language. Slow down, take it step-by-step and you are sure to achieve good results.


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