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4 Easy Yet Powerful Ways To Help You Memorise Japanese Words

Learning Japanese can no doubt be a daunting task, and there’s no easy way to memorise new words in an entirely new language. It can be intimidating trying to grasp Japanese words as it takes a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

Fortunately, there are simple yet effective strategies you can use that will make memorising Japanese words much easier. These 4 strategies have been deemed effective by numerous language experts over aeons, and if you apply these approaches consistently, your level of proficiency will significantly improve over time.

1. Use flashcards

Flashcards are probably the oldest trick in the book, but as the adage goes, old is often gold. Flashcards are highly effective and have been adopted in almost every area of study, with the potential to enhance your vocabulary tremendously.

When using flashcards, you can use your spare time efficiently by jotting down Japanese words easily, and as everything is written by you, your familiar handwriting will aid in you remembering those words visually. You can also purchase flashcards with binder rings, so you can spread them out and incorporate fun into your learning by playing a little memory game.

Flashcards are readily available in numerous stationery shops, or you can choose to go digital. In this day and age, there are dozens of applications like Anki that can generate learning flashcards to help you memorise Japanese words quickly.

2. Make your personal vocabulary list

In this internet era where learning tools are mainly online, we shouldn’t disregard the fact that using your hand to write new words is an equally effective method. The motion of your hand when writing boosts the retention of the word in your brain, and since everything is written by you, your personalised and familiar handwriting will help you remember words at a much faster pace.

When you’re watching Japanese shows, listening to Japanese podcasts or reading Japanese books, make it a good habit to jot down new words to your vocabulary list, so you learn new words along the way and they won’t slip out of your mind. This will immerse you in a sea of new words swiftly, and you should also make the deliberate effort to use these Japanese words when constructing sentences when writing and speaking.

3. Use technology

We have already touched on how technology can aid your memory. There are numerous online tools like vocabulary applications you can download on your mobile devices. For instance, Memrise is a complimentary learning platform that covers the Japanese language. It aids language learners with memory retention of new letters, words and phrases.

4. Get personalised guidance from a tutor

Not forgetting, one of the best ways to memorise Japanese words is with the help from a professional tutor. A tutor can gauge your fluency level and deliver tailored instructions to provide personalised assistance, especially in aspects where you require the most help. Unlike applications, self-developed vocabulary lists and flashcards, a tutor knows what you need with, and how to help.

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