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The Many Benefits Of Learning The Japanese Language

Japan might not have as much of an obvious reach as China has when it comes to Asian countries, but it is still a major player in the global economy. Not to mention, many Japanese communities can be found all over the world, and a lot of today’s biggest companies are based in Japan as well.

With that said, there are plenty of benefits to taking up Japanese classes Singapore and learning the language.

Here are some of them:

1. A chance to learn about a new culture

When learning a new language, you also learn about their culture and how their language came to be. As a result, you’ll gain a better appreciation of the country and their history.

In the process of learning Japanese, you’ll learn more about Japan than you ever could have imagined.

2. More job opportunities

As globalization becomes the new standard, it only makes sense to learn more than one language to further yourself and your career.

This is especially true if you plan on working in Japan, or if the main headquarters of the company that you’re currently working for is based in Japan.

In general, learning another language looks good on your resume. Learning Japanese, however, makes it even more attractive because of how many international companies are actually based in or have branches in Japan and are looking to send employees to work there.

3. More media options

A lot of Asian media these days are already available online and with subtitles. However, subtitles don’t always do the subtleties and humor justice.

There’s just so much of the original content that gets lost in translation.

For a better viewing experience, especially if you’re a huge fan of Japanese entertainment, such as anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, and more, it’s a huge advantage to know the language yourself.

4. It makes it easier to learn other Asian languages

While not all Asian languages are similar, there are similarities between them, and once you get hooked into learning one, you most likely will become more interested to learn others as well. Not to mention, learning a second Asian language becomes much easier too.

Because much of the process of acquiring the Japanese language is translatable to learning other languages, you’ll find yourself having an easier time learning Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and so on.

5. Higher chances of studying abroad

Japanese universities and educational institutions have some of the highest standards of learning across all levels.

If you plan on furthering your career via your studies, Japan should be near or at the top of your list.

Of course, if you want to study in Japan, it’s only natural that you know how to speak their language fluently. If you’re comfortable, or at the very least, familiar, with the Japanese language, your chances of getting an opportunity to study there is much higher than if you are not as familiar with the language.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why taking Japanese classes in Singapore makes a lot of sense. Even if you have no plans of studying or working in Japan, or if you’re not a huge fan of Japanese media, the mere fact that you know a second (or third) language is already a benefit in and of itself.


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