Private Classes

Learning is proven effective if it suits the learning styles of the student. Whether you are a beginner in Japanese or an advanced learner, Japanese Explorer can cater to your level one-on-one through its Private Japanese Lessons. Though some students prefer learning in class, Japanese Explorer also wants to attend to students who prefer an individual schedule. Whatever preference you have, we are ready to accommodate your need.

Here at Japanese Explorer, we use the curriculum accredited by AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching). Hence, we can guarantee you that learning the Japanese language will be authentic, precise, and accurate.

The course also adopts a unique teaching and learning system different from usual Japanese language schools. The first half of the class is dedicated for learning grammar, and the second half is dedicated to the practical use of language, which is speaking and listening.

Learning through the Japanese Private lesson does not only offer mastery on Nihongo or Japanese language but also a fresh and interesting point of view regarding Japanese culture.

Why Private Japanese Lessons?

You are free to talk or converse to your teacher

Japanese Explorer’s teachers are native Japanese and can speak well both in English and Japanese. If you are having anxiety speaking in front of people, private lessons will help boost your confidence and competency in speaking.

The courses are specialised

Since it is a one-to-one session, you will not worry about coping with your classmates or adjusting to their level. Private Japanese lessons help the teacher and student in determining the suitable lessons based on the student’s level.

Encourage more interaction

You are not only freely speaking the language minus the crowd, but you can also even raise your questions to the teacher whenever you are confused with the lesson. It encourages more interaction, and you are free to voice out points about language and culture that you are curious about.

Flexible schedule

Japanese Explorer will adjust to the schedule you prefer. Each level course consists of 12 lessons, 2 hours each, so it is up to your preferred time and date for the lessons to take place.

Some individuals work best when they are alone. They think they are more productive without distractions and interference by other members of the class.

Find out why many students choose us

    • Accredited Course syllabus produced by AJALT (Association for Japanese-Language Teaching) and curriculums aligned with the (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) international JLPT test standard.
    • Certified Native Japanese Teachers with relevant and related work experience to teach Japanese as a foreign language
    • Our Bilingual Teachers are all Bachelor or Master Degree holders, certified by Japanese Universities to teach Japanese
    • Effective learning tools like fully recorded class Video & Audio CD have proven to yield a much better result when students review these before and after class.
    • Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the workbook will be provided to have more practice
    • Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & e-workbook, audio-CD, and in-house recorded class videos.
    • Communicative teaching approach enables students to achieve high passing rate for JLPT Test.
    • Our Private Class offers great flexibility in scheduling with No Lessons missed. (Choose your date, time and venue for class)
    • Live Streaming Video Online Japanese Classes via Skype/Zoom, so that you can continue improving your Japanese Proficiency with our Native Teacher in class, without travelling out of Home.

~ Our Private Online lesson fee for per level is 12 lessons of 2hrs each. Total 24 training hours

  • For 1-2 students in a private class the fee is $1,800 after discount is $1,480
  • For 3 students in a private class the fee is $2,100 after discount is $1,780
  • For 4 students in a private class the fee is $2,400 after discount is $2,080

~ Course materials fee $50- waived / student includes E-coursebook + e-workbook + audio files + recorded class Videos + online support
~ Per Student One-time registration fee $50 applicable (waived for current month signup)

Our School HQ City Campus @ 137 Cecil Street is located in between 3 MRT stations namely, Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar & Telok Ayer

Private Class can also take place in our Jurong Campus @ 134 Jurong Gateway Road level 4

Live Streaming Online Japanese Course is available


Watch Our Beginner 1 Student’s Video after completing 12 sessions

Student can choose their own preferred class venue

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