How to Make Learning Japanese Easy

When you hear people speaking Japanese language, you might think it is the most complicated language ever created. What most people don’t know is that this language is one of the easiest to learn.

Don’t hinder yourself in learning a new language; it is always helpful to start with the basics. There are centers that allow you to learn Japanese in Singapore easily and with native speaker teachers. You can enroll yourself to a Japanese language school to be proficient and confident in conversing. If you want to start learning about this language, consider these helpful tips to make it easier for you:

  1. Mindset – It all about the mentality. Prepare your mind to learn new things and be open to apply all the learning. Do not stick yourself into the idea that it is difficult to learn with.
  2. Culture- Emerge yourself momentarily about the rich history of this language and you will be surprised on how captivating it is and how lucky you are to be learning it. You may start watching movies with subtitles just to become familiar with the tones and expressions.
  3. Basics – The good thing about this language is that there are no grammatical rules such as tenses, gender, and has a neat order of numbers. All you have to acquaint with is the full phonetic alphabet called “pinying” where there are 400 different syllables and has 4 major tones:
  • Ping – Level tone or – This is a high flat tone.
  • Shang – Rising Tone or / Low to Middle pitch
  • Qu – Departing Tone or V Low to Middle to High
  • Ru- Final Tone or > High to Low tone
  1. Make Friends- The easiest way to learn this language is to become friends with native speakers because you exchange ideas that becomes habit and unknowingly realizing you are already mimicking how they talk. This is also a fresh cultural experience.
  2. Practice – There is no better way to learn this language without the right amount of practice. Practice by watching movies, listening to music and talking.

Advance your language skills in learning in depth Japanese Chinese grammars by enrolling to a language course. You can have a comprehensive one on one sessions or study in a group to become more interactive.


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