How Long Does It Take One To Learn The Japanese Language?

How Long Does It Take One To Learn The Japanese Language?

As with any language, it requires a great deal of time and commitment to learn Japanese in Singapore. Indeed, nobody learns a language overnight. Especially with Japanese, which is considered one of the hardest languages to learn, a great amount of time and effort is needed to achieve proficiency. As such, many non-native speakers choose to sign up for Japanese language courses to help make their learning experience a lot easier.

If you are interested in learning Japanese, one of the questions you probably have on your mind is how long it will take you to master the language. The answer to this question actually depends on the level of Japanese fluency you wish to achieve – whether you want to know basic, conversational, or advanced Japanese. To understand more about this, here are the important things you should know about learning Japanese.

Learning Basic Japanese

Basic Japanese is the level of fluency you can expect to achieve after taking a Japanese class. Particularly, Japanese 101 and 102 are the most common Japanese classes that will assist you in understanding the fundamentals of the Japanese language. In these classes, you are likely to learn how to read and write in Kana as well as in simple Kanji.

Furthermore, basic Japanese will also require you to study basic Japanese sentence structure and particles. For native English speakers, Japanese sentence structure may take a while to learn because the location of the subject, object, and verb within a Japanese clause differs from where these parts would be in an English sentence. Generally, depending on how many hours you study Japanese every day, attaining basic fluency can take around 6 months to a year.

Learning Conversational Japanese

Conversational Japanese is considered an intermediate fluency level. You can attain the level of intermediate Japanese fluency by taking more advanced Japanese classes and supplementing them with some private Japanese tuition. In learning conversational Japanese, you are expected to polish up your ability to read and write kana alphabets and to begin studying the kanji system.

When it comes to conversational Japanese grammar, your study should include most forms of verb conjugation in Japanese as well as multi-clause sentences. If you want to truly master conversational Japanese, it is also highly recommended to learn the fundamentals of keigo, which is the formal style of the language, as well as the verb conjugations it uses. Usually, one will need to study Japanese for around 1,700 hours in order to achieve the intermediate Japanese fluency level.

Learning Advanced Japanese

To learn advanced Japanese, you should be prepared to hurdle the rigorous requirements of kanji, develop confidence in utilising keigo, and master a minimum of 4,500 vocabulary words. A big challenge that most learners of this Japanese fluency level face is the fact that a lot of words and grammar points discussed in advanced Japanese textbooks are not used in everyday conversations.

Usually, advanced Japanese covers abstract concepts, nuanced phrases, and the complex vernacular utilised in the business world and in Japanese newspapers. If you are majoring in Japanese, you will be able to take advanced Japanese classes. Otherwise, you can invest in a tutor to reach this level of Japanese fluency. You will likely need around 2,500 to 3,000 hours of study to become fluent in advanced Japanese.


Learning Japanese is indeed a pursuit that requires time, effort, and commitment. There is no shortcut to becoming a fluent Japanese speaker. Depending on the fluency level you aim to achieve, you will likely be required to spend a few months to years of Japanese study to truly master the language. With that said, all your efforts will surely be worth it since being fluent in Japanese comes with many perks.

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